Leadership During The Covid-19/Coronavirus Crisis

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OMG – what are we gonna do it’s the [fill in the global problem plaguing society now].

Ok so welcome back to the show where humans freak out. Put it in a timeline and you’ll get a really interesting drama type movie or in retrospect a mix of a comedy-horror (think https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scary_Movie )

Not looking to downplay anything, the virus is real and there are those affected. At the same time, certainly in the age of social media, the proportion of how bad it really is far more hyped than the plagues of yesteryear. 

Other than quarantine what can we do to maintain the peace?

Social media leaders influencers, it’s time to take a stand! While it’s easy and perhaps more “popular” to say how bad things are, stop and get together and point to how things are serious but it’s not the apocalypse, and there is still good in the world. 

Take the time to congratulate the world’s leaders for taking the matter seriously, applaud the multi-billion dollar industries for putting public safety first such as the NBA freezing its season, especially at this interval prior to the playoffs. 

This is the time to show the unity of putting aside petty differences between race, religion and economic status.

The very non-obvious silver lining of Covid-19 is that no-one is immune. Sounds crazy? Echoing the brilliant prose of “First they came” everyone is now the first line of defense, everyone is responsible for keeping themselves safe as well as others and eradication can only be achieved if everyone is on board, working together. 

An internet meme was recently released showing everyone stocking up / buying out national supplies of toilet paper for fear of quarantine, the “joke” being that if you have all the supplies and your neighbor doesn’t, then you haven’t really solved the problem as they are still at risk.

If people are dying from the Coronavirus, how can we make light of this?

There are people, unfortunately, dying from Covid-19 but there are more dying of the common flu. In addition, it was stated by many health organizations around the world that most people will get Covid-19 but most won’t even feel its effects. 

Why did it get so bad in China and Iran? Simple, the government and health ministries didn’t take action until it’s too late, awareness was down until it was actually too late to do anything.

Look at the opening line of the US constitution, this just about sums it up, unity

In the famous words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other

But the epidemic is out of control, what will this really do or help?

It’s only out of hand if people let it get out of hand. Unfortunately, people tend to gravitate towards bad news and they feed on it. What if everyone started to think positively and showed compassion, the virus may be just as bad, but the attitude and fear would be eliminated?

Who is really affected by Covid-19?

It is reported that more than 80% of everyone who catches CoronaVirus feels little to no effects and it just passes through their system. 

The most vulnerable are young and elderly people, and it becomes a concern more if that person has a heart defect and/or illnesses that may affect oxygen levels. 

It means we have to be careful, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the apocalypse has happened.

This is a guest post by  Kas Andz | http://kasandz.com | KAMG Marketing Group. Our clients have been using Social Media for the good, to change the world and bring the good out in the wake of terror.
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