When Leadership And Faith Collide – An Interview With P.J. Simmons

I’m so excited to bring you today’s interview. Back in October, I had the pleasure of meeting the host of Gospel Driven Entrepreneur, P.J. Simmons.

I’d been listening to his podcast in which he interviews entrepreneurs who are men and women of faith. The discussions are deep and engaging.

PJ Simmons discusses faith and leadership

After meeting P.J., I knew I had to take some time and go deep with him. That’s where this interview comes from.

P.J. Simmons is the host of Gospel Driven Entrepreneurs. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He loves his church and discovering the heart of entrepreneurs.

Without further ado, here’s the interview:

Show Notes

Who is P.J. Simmons?

Recently got engaged. He leads another non-profit called Medici Project. He’s moving into Gospel Driven Entrepreneur full-time.

How did P.J. Simmons and I meet?

We’d previously connected via Twitter. Only to connect in person while I was interviewing Tyler Reagin, the director of Catalyst.

Entrepreneurs are leaders in their own right. How should the gospel message impact leadership?

Leaders are servants. When you look at the holistic meaning and influence of the Gospel, it was that this King left the throne to lower Himself to serve others.

Are we motivated because we’re well-served?

Serving, as a leader, can be a hard thing to do.

The temptation is always there to allow the pendulum to swing back to being self-serving.

If more leaders caught onto the idea of servant leadership, how could that change the landscape of leadership?

When it comes to influencing other people, there’s no greater arena for influence than in the realm of vocation. We have the opportunity to shape the culture of our workplaces and organizations. We have the responsibility to lead people well.

What would it look like if believers truly began to partner with God in utilizing their God-given gifts?

Servant leadership is a nonnegotiable. It plays hand-in-hand with what God has in store with us. God wants to leverage our talents and skills to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We have the responsibility and opportunity to use what God has given us to lead and make a huge impact.

What’s this about a retreat for entrepreneurs that you have coming up?

February 3rd through the 5th, Gospel Driven Entrepreneur is holding their first retreat. They’ll focus on how to depend on the Gospel and what is the Gospel implication on productivity.

There will be a few main sessions and a couple of break-outs. This will not be a how-to but a time to get refueled with the presence of God and learning how the Gospel motivates our work.

Anything else you’d tell emerging leaders and entrepreneurs?

When it comes to the idea of leading well and Gospel driven leadership, we have to be intentional on not letting that type of language become buzz words. Rather, we have to be very intentional and disciplined.

Retreat Information

P.J. Simmons and I mentioned the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur Retreat that’s coming up in February. Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to get the interview up before the early-bird deadline passed.

I was, however, able to secure another discount for those who want to attend. You can get $50 off the retreat by entering promo code LALONDE when checking out.

If you want to check out what the retreat is all about, click here.

Question: How does the Gospel impact your leadership? Share your story in the comment section below.

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