Know Your Limits

Growing up, I remember the popular sayings of the time. We had No fear! We had Sweet! Or DUDE!

Every generation has a set of words that defines their generation. Those were but a few of the words that could define the 1990’s.

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A new phrase has popped up recently. The phrase is a dangerous one. It puts you in a dangerous position if you believe in it.

No Limits

I’ve heard this phrase so many times. Every time I hear it, I cringe.

I know the meaning behind the saying. It sounds good.

The dangerous phrase is “No limits.”

In the personal development world, we hear this a lot. We see people like Nick Vujicic who was born without limbs.

His story is inspiring. He has learned how to live outside of the limits others would have placed on him.

So, why would I cringe at hearing No Limits? For a very good reason.

There are always limits. 

Know Limits

I was reminded of limits while browsing an artist’s Facebook page. The Art Of Adam Fields shared a post detailing his strategies for taking art commissions in 2020.

Adam Fields shared the following:

Alright everybody! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! I’ve already been busy on a poster design this morning and will sneak a few pages in today as well.

But I wanted to post about some changes to my commission process. This past year was a HUGE learning experience and my focus and goal with fan commissions is to deliver your custom piece(s) quickly with the highest of quality.

This year, I was accepting every commission resulting in long wait times and delays on projects. Both are not acceptable for me professionally. So, I’m revising my process to better suit you and my publishers.

???????? Starting this month, commissions will be limited every month with the guarantee that all orders will be completed by the following month. As of now, the limit is set to 5 per month. This will include 9×12, 11×17 and Blank Covers. Sketch cards are open. These do NOT include event commissions.

These limits may fluctuate according to family, project and travel schedules. There will be a post at the beginning of every month about how many spots are available. However, you are more than welcome to claim a spot for the following months if you know you’ll want a piece for a birthday or gift.

The ordering process is the same. Go to my website, click the SERVICES tab, select PERSONAL COMMISSION and fill out the form. If you have a certain date you need it by, be sure to make note of it in the designated field. Be sure to allow 3-4 weeks for specific due dates to ensure time for completion and shipping.

Once your order is placed, I will send a quote that you will either need to accept or decline. Once accepted, 1-2 business days later, you will receive an invoice with a 50% required, no refundable deposit to reserve your order. Once completed, you will receive a low-res proof of piece. You will have 7 days from day of completion to pay in full. If payment is not made, your piece could be put up for resale. Once paid, you will receive tracking information when your piece is on the way.

Another change are no personal likeness. As much as I know these type of pieces mean to everyone, I’m finding it harder and harder for me to get comfortable doing them. They may make a comeback if the demand is there, but for now, they will not be available starting this month.

Last item, and it’s a BIG one for all you blank cover lovers… I am now offering both CGC and CBCS grading options! You can get my original art graded, slabbed and sent directly to you from your preferred grading company. I charge $20 for me to submit the paperwork. The grading company will work with you on their end. Their grading fee will still apply to you.

I know this is a lot of information but I am very excited for these changes and new offerings to better serve you. If you have any questions, please feel free to message the page. 

For current commission pricing, click link below. ????????

To order a commission, click link below (November commission list is currently full, please check for possible December openings) ????????

When Adam started to take commissions, he had no limits. He lived the life of doing anything and everything to get his artwork out there. He was going to have no limits on what he could do.

Then he realized he had to know limits.

This meant he had to cut back on the amount of work he would take. He would only do certain sized commission pieces. He would limit the types of pieces he would draw. And he would be flexible with these limits.

Adam began to embrace limits.

When’s the last time you embraced limits to your work? As leaders, we have to be willing to embrace and know limits. Limits aren’t our enemy. Limits aren’t something to be feared.

Rather, limits are something that can keep us healthy and whole. They will give us margin and breathing room.

Creating limits around the number of hours we work, the new projects we take on, or the time we’re away from home will not hurt you. They will help you.

Knowing limits will help you guard your personal relationships. They will help you guard your mental and physical health. And they will let you know when you’re out of line.

Take the time to set and know your limits today.

Question: What limits do you need to create for yourself today? How will this help you become a better leader or person? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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