Your Key To Getting Things Done

David Allen is known as the Getting Things Done guy. He’s created a process that will help you get things done but I think there’s another way.

You get things done by doing this

Image by Derek Gavey

Right now, I know I need to write a blog post. This one, in fact.

There was a struggle to write. I didn’t want to create a blog post but I knew I needed to.

There’s also days I find myself not wanting to go to church or head into the office. But I need to get those things done as well.

That’s where my strategy for getting things done comes into play.

My strategy is a lot simpler than David’s.

There’s a single key for completing tasks. And you can do it.

That key?

Get to work and get it done.

There’s a million other things I want to be doing right now.

I’d rather be spending my time outside flying my drone. Or talking with my wife. Or playing with my dog.

One of those isn’t sitting in front of the computer.

You see, things were calling for my attention other than writing.

But writing is what I’m doing.

I’m forcing myself to sit in front of the screen and type away.

Just like I make myself get into my truck and head to church or the office, even on days I don’t feel like it.

That’s how you get things done. You tell yourself you’re going to do something and then you go and do it.

Question: What do you need to make yourself go and do right now? You know what it is, so go do it.

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