Just What Are You Missing?

When we look at the world around us, we often see a limited view. Especially when it comes to the area we live in.

We see opportunity everywhere. You might think living in Hawaii will change your life. It might but, then again, it might not. You might think moving to Nashville will bring you success. Will it really?

There’s more to our success than where we live…

There’s an old story about a college professor talking to the incoming freshmen. The story goes:

“Suppose that by paying a modest sum you would be given a permit to go into the largest most luxurious store in the world and help yourself to everything- diamonds, watches, expensive clothing, the best of everything, with the only limit being what you could carry away in a 4-year period…

Only a fool would say, ‘Guess I’ll just take some food and drink and some clothing for dates.’ Only an imbecile would say that- and yet that is the position of so many people today in college. The college classes offer him, to the limit of his capacity, to absorb the accumulated wisdom of the ages, to offer him intimate acquaintance with the geniuses of all time, to provide him with a knowledge of the universe- but who says ‘Guess I’ll just take the snap courses or easy assignments and try not to flunk out.'”

Opportunity Is Yours For The Taking

We see this professor talking to his students about a young man who refused to take the opportunity afforded him by attending college. Rather, the young man wanted to skirt by and barely make it. All he cared about was scoring a passing grade and graduating college.

Yet, the college professor knew there was much more to college. College could provide the young student an opportunity to gain wisdom from the greats, to soak in the knowledge of his professors, to learn about the world. He had the ability to take as much as he wanted.

Instead, he chose to take what was easy. He chose to walk the wide path. He chose to be lazy.

How utterly sad!

But we do this all the time. Whether in our quest for more knowledge or as we go about our work. We have massive amounts of wisdom around us. All for our taking.

In your career, you have great wisdom in the officers of your organization. You might have an overseeing pastor. Possibly, you have access to the CEO of the business.

There is opportunity all around you to grow.

Reach Out To Grow

The challenge is we fail to see these opportunities. And, when we do, we’re afraid to make the ask.

Reality tells us that growth doesn’t come without effort. Growth takes stretching, pulling, and rising up.

That’s what we’ve got to do to become better leaders.

We have to reach out to those who are above us. This means the senior leadership, pastors who have been preaching longer than you in your church denomination, or some other leader higher up in your organization.

You don’t have to make a huge reach.

Reach out and ask them to answer one or two questions you have. Let them answer, and thank them.

Follow up with the results of their answer later on and let them know how much it helped you. Then, make your next ask.

This gets easier over time. It also allows you to grasp the opportunity at hand.

Don’t miss the opportunities right in front of you. They’re easy to miss. They’re also costly to miss.

Question: Are you taking advantage of the opportunities right in front of you? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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