Is Your Company Ready For Remote Work?

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When you’re a team leader, it can be very tempting to have your team around you all day, every day. Yes, you want to supervise the workload and ensure that projects and tasks are kept up to date but you also want your team to know that you’re on their side and always there for them when they have questions and queries. But consider for a moment if a more flexible approach to your leadership might be an even better solution.

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Have you considered, for example, the possibility of allowing your team the option of flexible working? It might seem counter-intuitive but in fact, the option for your staff to balance their home life around their work might just them make them even more inspired and motivated to get the job done. There are some caveats around this arrangement of course and we’ll take a look at how remote working can work in this article.

Is Your Team Remote Ready?

Remote working can work extremely well when you have team members working on a project or stand-alone tasks. If you’ve set a project to Find Top Custom eLearning Content Providers for example, then the peace and quiet of working from your own home with no office distractions around you can really focus the mind. On the other hand, if you’ve tasked a project that needs a lot of daily interaction then maybe the office is the best setting.

But even with a collaborative project, there is plenty of software out there, such as Trello, that can make collaboration as straightforward as sharing an online space.

If you’re a small business owner then there are other tangible benefits to having a remote workforce. How much does it cost to rent your office space, pay the bills and so on? We guess it’s quite a chunk of your income. Working from home saves money, it’s greener as you cut down on energy consumption and cancel the daily drive into work for your staff.


Understandably, you’ll have concerns about how working remotely might affect staff performance but all the studies show that working away from the office can have a hugely beneficial effect on the remote worker. Perhaps it’s losing the stress of having to get to the office on time after dropping children off to school or sitting in traffic queues day in, day out. Whatever it is, a remote worker is often more motivated and determined than the worker hiding behind their screen in your team office.

If you’ve never thought about remote working before, then now might just be the time to exercise that leadership in a new way. One that recognizes the needs of your staff and allows them some more flexibility and control over their working hours. You might just benefit from a reduction in office bills and by having a reinvigorated team, keen to show you they can make remote working, well, work.

Talk to your team today and get on board the remote working train.

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