Impact The Development Of Your Team

Grow Your Team

The longer someone is on your team, the more they should grow. Reality has shown us this often isn’t the case.

Someone takes the position, and then they stop growing. Whether that’s because they feel they’ve made it or they don’t know where else to go, things need to change.

And there’s good news. You can help your team develop. You can impact their development.

You have the opportunity to help your team grow

Impact Your Team’s Development

Your team members spend a majority of their waking hours at the office. From 8-5 (or maybe longer), they’re in an environment you have authority over. They’re there and they’re working for you.

When they leave the office, they may find it difficult to find the desire to seek out personal or professional development. All they want to do when they exit the doors is to go home and see their families. Learning and growing can seem like another task from the office they’re bringing home.

You can make an impact on your team’s development and it’s not that hard.

When you find your team no longer has the time outside of the office to grow, you might decide to bring their personal development in-house. After all, helping your team members grow benefits the business as well as the member.

Help Your Team To Grow

There are multiple things we can do as leaders to help development our team. And you can play a part in that growth! That’s exciting if you ask me.

So, what can be done?

Create an office library:

Bring in, or have someone build, a bookshelf and place it in an area your team members frequent. Stock the bookshelf with quality books you’ve enjoyed.

Books are cheap. You can find them online through websites like BetterWorldBooks or ThriftBooks. Or at the local library sale.

Giving your team the opportunity to read books you’ve personally or recommend can create conversations in the office that promotes new lines of thinking. Give your team this gift.

Offer on-site training:

We will frequently place the blame on the team member for not continuing his education. But what if we’re wrong here? What if we’re failing our team because we are unwilling to help them learn new skills.

Think back to when you hired your team. Didn’t you offer an orientation and training at that point? After a week or two of training, we cut-off any kind of training.

My question to you is: Why stop the training?

By offering on-site training, you’re helping your team gain valuable knowledge that can improve business without the expense of hiring a new employee.

Yes, there’s still a cost to the training. Yet that training is more cost effective than bringing in new people.

Share what you’re learning:

You might think you’re looked at negatively by your team or that they don’t care about you. The truth is people on your team look up to you.

And they want to know you’re walking the talk. So, if you’re pushing professional development, you better be doing so too.

There’s no better way to show your team how important growing and learning is than to share with them that you’re learning as well.

Call a meeting, let them know you’re learning, and share your latest insights with them. Not only will you help the development of your team, research has shown that when we teach what we’re learning, we retain more of what we just learned.

Don’t keep the information you’re taking in. Share it with your team!

You can play a huge part in the development of your team. Help those you’re leading realize the power of continuing to grow.

Not only will you benefit them, you’ll benefit the organization.

Question: What are you doing to impact the development of your team? Share something that you’re doing in the comment section below.
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