I Missed The Killer Tribes Conference But I Didn’t

Conferences are a great way to increase your knowledge and leadership potential. They bring together the best of the best to share their knowledge with you.

Bryan Allain did just that with the Killer Tribes conference in Nashville, TN.

Killer Tribes Conference

As I’ve already planned for my one big conference of the year, I had to miss Killer Tribes. Thankfully, Bryan had the foresight to record the conference and offer it to those that missed it.

I couldn’t be more grateful. The lineup Bryan put together was amazing. Men and women like:

  • Jeff Goins
  • Jon Acuff
  • Mark Hughes
  • Tamara Lunardo
  • Sarah Mae

The knowledge they shared was inspiring, motivational, and informative. Once, only available live at the conference, you can own the recordings.

Bryan offered two audio packages. Both are jam packed with goodness.

The standard Killer Tribes conference audio package includes talks from:

  • Alli Worthington – Yes You Can Have It All
  • Jeff Goins – Starting From Scratch
  • Steve Kamp (of Nerd Fitness) – How To Start A Rebellion
  • Jon Acuff – 10 Minutes On Building Your Tribe
  • Sarah Mae – How I Learned To Love Marketing
  • Mark Hughes – The Basics Of Buzz
  • Daddy-O – Entertainment’s Killer Tribe
  • Tamara Lunardo – Embracing Your Niche
  • Dave Delaney – Social Networking In Real Life

This package includes over 4.5 hours of content from the conference. I was blown away with the killer content in this package.

The speakers nailed it and give you more than your money’s worth.

Killer Tribes Audio

The second package is The Killer Bonus Package. It’s the one I opted for.

The Killer Bonus Package includes the previously listed talks plus 4 exclusive interviews with:

  • Derek Webb – Musician and founder of Noisetrade
  • Jon Acuff – Author of Quitter
  • Crystal Paine – Founder of MoneySavingMom.com
  • Ben Arment – Founder of Story Conference and Dream Year

I also received Bryan Allain’s newest eBook 21 Thoughts on Building Your Killer Tribe.

While the book is great, the real reason to get the Killer Bonus Package is the extra interviews. Derek Webb was especially impressive.

Killer Tribes Bonus

If these names don’t get you excited about the conference audio, what I learned might just do it.

Here’s a few things I learned while listening to the audio:

  • Why you need to stay inspired
  • Why you don’t need more information
  • What not to do with your audience
  • Why Tim Ferris is wrong
  • Who your audience needs you to be
  • Should you choose your tribe
  • What to do when you’re late for an interview with Jim Collins
  • How to organize a conference or event
  • Why you should learn to say no
  • Why you don’t need a lot of fans
  • How to create a fan base that will buy

With this information you’ll be ready to take your blog to the next level. I know it’s propelling me forward.

Sounds interesting? Be sure to purchase your copy of the audio today.

killer tribes buy it now button

Question: What’s been the best conference you’ve attended? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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