How To Use Storytelling For Growth

I’m currently in Atlanta, GA live blogging the Catalyst Conference. During this time, I’ll be dropping the leadership wisdom shared by the amazing speaker lineup.

Next up is Scott Harrison. Scott is the founder and CEO of charity:water.

Do you know how to impact people? It's stories

2 Things You Can Use To Present Information

When you break down the ability to dissemate information, there’s only 2 ways to do so. The first is to present the facts and only the facts. The other, more effective, way is to use storytelling to present the facts and move the person to action.

Statistics don’t move people. Stories do.

Our brains aren’t wired to be moved by statistics. As we hear the facts laid out before us, it can hard to process and be moved.

Then, we move to the presentation of facts through story. Our brains are wired to hear and process stories.

Stories move us. They take us to a far-away place. They change our perception of the situation.

What we remember are stories.

Invite People Into The Story

We don’t know the story of everything. We know our stories.

These are the stories that impact our lives. These are the stories we hear.

These are also the stories we can share with people. These are also the stories we can invite people into the story.

By inviting people into the story, they become a part of what’s happening. And part of the solution.

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