How To Live Out Defiant Joy

I’m currently in Atlanta, GA live blogging the Catalyst Conference. During this time, I’ll be dropping the leadership wisdom shared by the amazing speaker lineup.

Margaret Feinberg is a self-described “hot mess,” Margaret Feinberg is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and leading conferences such as Catalyst, Thrive, and Women of Joy. Her books, including The Organic God, The Sacred Echo, Scouting the Divine, Wonderstruck, and Fight Back With Joy and their corresponding Bible studies, have sold nearly one million copies and received critical acclaim and extensive national media coverage from CNN, the Associated Press, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and more.

Be defiant in your joy

Do Not Miss Your Moment

Margaret had been studying the Biblical implications of JOY. What it meant, how we live in it, and what it does to us.

As she was preparing to hand in her manuscript, she was hit with crushing news: She has cancer.

She could have easily missed her moment with joy if she had not listened to that voice that told her to begin studying joy.

It would have been easy to miss. And we often miss it.

How To Live Out Defiant Joy

Rejoice when it makes no sense: It made no sense to those around Margaret that she had joy. After all, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The secret to living out joy in the difficult moments is to live it one square inch at a time

But she was willing to rejoice. She rejoiced in the hospital. In the doctor’s office. In the dark places.

You can rejoice where it makes no sense.

Remain suspicious that God is up to something good: We see in Joseph’s life that he had many opportunities to lose his joy. He was sold. He was wrongly accused of evil deeds. He was forgotten about.

Through all this, Joseph still remained suspicious that God was up to something good.

The story of Joseph shows us that God was up to something good. God allowed Joseph to go through all of these trials so that he could save scores of men and women throughout the nations.

God is up to something good.

What’s good. What’s bad. We don’t always know at first glance.

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