How To Create Leadership Objectives

Have you ever followed a leader who had no clear vision? The plans they laid had no objectives and you couldn’t tell if you hit them or not? This is one of the consequences of not creating clear leadership objectives.

Whether in a positional leadership role, a family leadership role, or personal leadership role, creating leadership objectives is crucial to your success. Why? It defines what needs to be accomplished. This allows you to see whether or not you’re making progress.

When we begin to lay out a foundation for our leadership objectives, a map begins to form. We’re able to see the next step we need to take to advance forward. We’re also able to choose which leadership objective we’ll attempt next.

Think of leadership objectives as the big X on a treasure map. They’re where we want to go!

Creating Leadership Objectives

Thankfully, creating leadership objectives isn’t as hard as it seems. And it will help you to lead better.

1. Decide what you want the end goal to be – Make clear what you want to accomplish as a leader. What are the big milestones you want to accomplish? You may want to lead a group of 15 to record sales. It may be to see a generation of leaders rise up with the correct mindset of a leader. Whatever it is, you need to see it in your mind’s eye. Then write it down on paper.

2. Break down the big goal – Many people freeze on creating the end goal. It’s because it’s so daunting to see what years and years worth of work will end in. This is why you must break down the big goal. And thus create your leadership objectives. As you break down the end goal, you create the stepping stones that lead the way to the end. In reality, these are you leadership objectives.

3. Take your 20 mile march – In previous posts, I’ve described what a 20 mile march is. Once you’ve created your leadership goals, you’ve got to walk out the goals. Take the time daily to work towards accomplishing each one. You might put in 20 minutes every day. Whatever you do, continue to work towards your leadership objectives.

As you create your big vision, remember to break it down. These will become your leadership objectives as you advance. Tackle the objectives by taking 20 mile marches.

Doing so will allow you to knock out the objectives and reach your end goal.

Question: What’s your end goal and how can creating leadership objectives help you reach it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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