How To Change How People View You

Being Taken Seriously

If you’re not okay with those you lead failing to take you seriously, you need to change something. It’s most likely not your team. It’s you that needs to change.

We can sabotage ourselves with our actions. We can sabotage ourselves with our words. And we can sabotage ourselves with our appearance.

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Do you know what the good thing is? We can change these things. Each of the aforementioned ways we sabotage ourselves are a choice.

We choose how to act. We choose how to speak. And we choose how to dress. This means you can change things.

That’s awesome, right? You can begin to work on yourself and you can change the way people view you.

Let’s take a look at the areas you might need to change people’s view of you and be taken seriously.

Changing People’s View Of You

I mentioned three things we do that can sabotage our ability to be taken seriously. These actions damage the way people view you.

The first is:

Change your actions to change how people view you:

Your actions may cause people to view you in a negative light. They see you’re lackadaisical. They see you fail to take action. Or maybe they see you failing to treat people with respect.

Take an assessment of your actions. How are they representing you?

You may notice you’re short with those you lead. You may see you brush people off. And you may see your actions show you don’t care for others.

When you notice a deficiency in your actions, make note of it. Then begin to work on improving the action.

Change the words you speak to change how people view you:

Our words are a powerful tool. The Bible tells us the power of life and death are in our tongues.

If you believe this, you know there’s a lot of damage that can be done through our words. There’s also a lot of good that can be accomplished if we speak the right words.

Examine the words you use. Are they uplifting words? Would you be encouraged to hear someone speak them to you? Or would you cringe in horror if the words were directed toward you?

Your words can make or break people. Change the words you speak, if they’re negative. Make them a force for good.

Change your appearance to change how people view you:

I’m a laid back guy. I love my jeans and band shirts. They’re so comfy. However, there are times when jeans and a shirt are not appropriate.

I’ve fallen into ruts where I didn’t care. I would wear whatever I wanted. Including the ratty band shirt from 15 years ago.

Do you know what this did? This sent the wrong message to those I was meeting with. It said I didn’t care about myself and how I showed up.

You can change your appearance to change the way people view you. Thankfully, you may not need to alter your dress much but it may need to be changed to be taken seriously.

By examing these three areas of your life, you can make a drastic change in the way people view you. The choice is up to you. Do you want to be taken more seriously? Do you want people to respect you? Then begin acting like someone who deserves to be taken seriously or with respect.

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