Host A Leadership Book Fair

Who doesn’t have fond memories of the Scholastic book fairs that happened regularly at your elementary school? I vividly remember tables upon tables of books. Each one was more enticing than the last.

Perusing the tables of books, I’d eventually settle on a few books, make my way to the cashier, and check out. Book fair win!!!

That started my reading habit. The good old book fair.

While I’ve had fits and starts with reading after book fairs, these book fairs introduced me to many great books.

Then they stop…

You no longer have a book fair in middle school, high school, or even college. It feels like educators and leaders decided we didn’t need encouragement to read.

I think they’re wrong.

We need to bring back the book fair… to middle school and high school students. To college students. To the workplace.

Host A Leadership Book Fair

We know not all readers are leaders. Yet, almost all leaders are readers. They know they can glean something new from the written word.

But, their reading isn’t all physical books. You can do reading through eBooks, audiobooks, and, I believe, podcast listening.

With leaders being readers, I want to encourage every leader in business, business owner, or church leader to consider hosting a book fair.

You can bring back the excitement of finding a great book to the people you lead.

Imagine this: You want to develop the people on your team. You know you don’t have the time to train them all. However, you know there are certain books that have touched your life. These books have made you a better leader. You consider them to be instrumental in your development.

Make a list of those books. Go to your local book store, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, or wherever you buy books. You can even reach out to the author personally to see if they have books available. Purchase multiple copies of each book. Set up tables in the office. Have your team members look at the books. Encourage them to take the books home and read them.

It’s a powerful idea. You’re able to share the wisdom contained in the books you’ve enjoyed, your team members become more aligned with the way you think, and your team will grow.

I know creating an office or business or leadership book fair will do wonders for your organization and team. It will take effort to organize and do the book fair. Still, the payoff for getting books into your people’s hands will go beyond any cost associated with the organization and purchase of the books for the book fair.

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