Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day set aside to reflect and be thankful for what we’ve been given. I hope you’ll enjoy your day with family and friends. Reflecting upon good times and all that you have.

I’ll be offline most of the day but wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and to share 20 things I’m thankful for today.

  1. My wife Pamela: She’s an amazing woman who’s stood by my side through the good times and bad. Thank you for loving me the way you do.
  2. My family: My mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and extended family mean the world to me.
  3. Freedom: I take it for granted at times but I’m thankful that we’ve been given such freedom in the US.
  4. My dogs: I’ve got two of the greatest dogs in the world. Zane and Leviticus have been an exciting part of life.
  5. My work: At times it can be stressful but I’m thankful for the work and being able to provide for my family because of it.
  6. My health: Over the past couple of years I’ve really begun to focus on my health and realized just how important it is. I’m thankful to be able to run, hike, bike, etc.
  7. Running water: Another item that is so easy to take for granted. Yet I’m blessed to have running water in my house.
  8. My church: It’s not perfect but there are lots of great people there. Thanks for loving me and accepting me as I am.
  9. Working vehicles: We’ve got two vehicles between my wife and I. I’m thankful that we’re each able to get where we need to when we need to.
  10. The internet: I’ve met so many great people and learned so much through the use of the internet. While I would survive without it, I’m thankful I have access to it.
  11. Great friends: I’ve got some of the best friends anyone could ask for. I’m thankful there are friends I can go to when I need comforting.
  12. The outdoors: God created a magnificent beauty when He created the Earth. There’s majestic mountains, cool flowing streams, wooded wonderlands, and so much more.
  13. Electricity: There’s many countries that don’t have the electricity and utilities I experience every day. I’m thankful I live in a time and place where it’s commonplace for these modern marvels to present.
  14. An abundance of food: I’m able to pick and choose what I have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m thankful I have a variety of different foods to choose from.
  15. Choice: I’m thankful I get to choose so many things in life. There’s not much in my life that I don’t have a choice over. It’s amazing.
  16. Music: There’s so many great artists and musicians today. I’m thankful someone is putting out beautiful melodies for others to listen to.
  17. Fresh air: I’m able to breathe fresh air each and every day. There’s not a need to wear a mask or to use an oxygen tank.
  18. Lake Michigan: I live by one of the most breath taking lakes anyone ever could. Lake Michigan provides me with miles and miles of beautiful beaches and great water.
  19. Vision: Both literal and mental vision. To be able to see everything around us is amazing. To be able to craft a mental picture of who I want to be and where I want to go is astounding. There’s power in vision.
  20. Mentors: I’ve got a wide range of mentors. I’m thankful there are men and women who are willing to pour into others and raise them up.
  21. Everyone reading this: I know I said the list would be 20 items but it wouldn’t be complete without you and the others who take time out of their days to read what I’ve written. Thank you.
Question: What are you thankful for today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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