Give Me A Reason

That’s what every member of your team is trying to tell you. Please, give me a reason!

Give me a reason to follow you. Give me a reason to believe in the organization. Give me a reason to keep pushing forward.

As a leader, are you giving your team a reason? If not, it’s time to begin giving reasons.

The reasons have to be encouraging to your team. The reasons have to inspire your team. The reasons have to have purpose behind them.

Reasons Worth Giving

Your team is longing for a reason to serve. Lets give the team a reason.

I believe these areas are key to giving your team reasons to stick around.

1. A Strong Vision: Many organizations lack a strong vision. It’s so sad when this happen.

The vision of an organization can be the exact reason people stick around. They know the organization has an end in sight and they’re a part of the big picture.

This has been a struggle for me, as of late. A couple of the organizations I’m involved in have lost their vision. They’re floundering and those involved are starting to feel the effects.

People are beginning to doubt. And they’re beginning to look elsewhere.

A strong vision is important for people who are seeking a reason to stick around. Find the vision and push it to your team.

2. A Strong Mission: Mission and vision are closely tied but they’re not the same.

To me, vision is knowing where you’re going. Mission is knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t get these two areas mixed up, especially if you’re doing one or the other. You need both vision and mission.

Team members are longing to know the work they’re doing is for a reason. That what they’re doing is going to help others or the organization.

By creating a mission for your organization, you can help your team understand why they’re working. The mission can be a huge motivation in staying through the trials and tribulations of work.

3. A Strong Leadership: Almost anyone can be a leader. That’s true. Not everyone can be a strong leader.

Becoming a strong leader takes patience, studying, and discipline.

Once you’ve become a leader, you’ve got to continue studying leadership and become a strong leader.

Strong leaders are able to communicate. Strong leaders are able to spread their vision. Strong leaders are able to lead a mission.

Don’t sit on your laurels once you’ve become a leader. Push the boundaries until you’ve become a strong leader.

Your team doesn’t want someone who will sit idly by as wrongs are committed. They want someone who will stick up for what’s right and do what needs to be done. Be that leader!

Your team wants a reason. Be sure to acknowledge their longing. Give them a reason to continue serving.

Help your team to understand the vision. Guide your team on the mission. Be a leader who is a strong and courageous.

Question: What reason are you giving your team to stick around? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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