Get To Doing

So many people talk. And talk. And talk…

We talk so much we forget there’s action to take.

Why We Talk

We talk because talking feels good. We get to express our desires and what we PLAN to do.

Just the action of speaking out our intentions gives us a sense of premature completion. Talking about what we’re going to do actually gives us the feeling we’ve done it!

Isn’t that crazy?

With that, you can see why we continue to talk about how we’re going to change the world. Or how we’re going to search for a new job. Or lead the organization in a new direction.

Get To Doing

While we should be talking about our goals, we can’t let our action stop at the talking. We’ve got to get to doing.

So, what can you do? Try these action steps to get to doing:

When you talk about your goals, take one measurable step towards the goal. This could be reaching out to a potential client or setting a date to discuss funding.

When you talk about your goals, ask the person you’re sharing with to hold you accountable. Tell them you need help and you want them to be your motivational partner.

When you talk about your goals, research what needs to be done next.

Stop using talk to give you the feeling of completion. Rather, use talking as a trigger to let you know you have work to do.

Whenever you begin talking about your goal, get to doing.

Question: Do you talk about your goals and plans more than you take action on them? Why do you think this is? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.

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