How To Find The Right People

Bringing a new team member onto your team can be a scary experience. You want a great fit but you don’t know if you’ll get one.

Finding the right people to join your team can be tough. That’s why you’ve got to take the correct steps to get the right people into your organization.

Finding the right people is critical for business success

Adding Team Members

Whether you’re adding a new team member because an old employee transitioned out of their role or because your company has grown and requires a new person, adding a new team member will impact the culture of your organization.

Anytime you add or remove someone, the dynamics of your team changes. The new team member will bring with him different traits and personality quirks.

They may not be able to slide into their new role and fill it like the previous person. That’s okay. Don’t freak out.

This new team member will eventually fit into their role. It takes time.

Where To Find The Right People

You never know where you might find the right person for the job. New team members can come from all walks of your life. However, great leaders know they need to constantly be on the lookout for new team members so they keep their eyes open.

Where do they look? Great leaders look everywhere, including:

Their community: Your community is a great place to find a new team member. It’s local, there’s plenty of people, and you can get an idea of how they interact with others by watching them in the community.

Their church: Another great place to find the right person is within your local church. When you find someone within your church, you already have a good idea of who they are and what they believe. Discovering they have a great work ethic, you might want to consider bringing them onto the team.

Their local schools: Depending on the age requirements for the position you’re looking to fill, your local school district may be a great place to look. Young people are looking for work and you can provide them with a quality work experience. Treat them well and they may even stick around.

How To Find The Right People

You already know why you need to add a new person to the team. You also know where to find the right people. Now, let’s talk about how to find the right people.

The best way to find the right people to add to your team is to observe the people in your community. Watch them and see how they live their lives.

Look for the following traits:






When you find someone with these qualities, offer them a seat on your team. They’re worth keeping.

In his book How Did You Do It, Truett, Truett Cathy shared a story on how he hired a young man who was selling peaches from his pickup truck. The young man was kind and polite. He also was honest.

How did Truett know this? Because the peaches at the bottom of the basket were just as nice as the peaches on the top of the basket. He wasn’t trying to hide anything.

Because of this, Truett told him that he wanted him to work for Chick-Fil-A. And he did.

When you observe those you’re interacting with, you’ll find the right person for the job. Just keep an eye out!

Question: How do you find the right people for your organization? Share your insider tip to hiring in the comment section below.

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