Is Fear Holding You Back?

The last couple of years I’ve had a fascination with most things aviation. From planes (I jumped out of a plane and would still like to learn how to pilot a plane) to helicopters (RC helicopters and quadcopters), I’m drawn to things that fly.

These inventions that can defy gravity. They can move about in the sky unhindered. It’s absolutely fascinating.

This quadcopter made me fearful

That’s why I purchased a quadcopter I could fly outside. I wanted to take something airborne and fly.

After much research, I chose the DJI Phantom Vision 2 quadcopter. It’s a beauty.

When you fire her up, the sounds of her blades become intimidating. You can literally feel the power you have in your hands.

And yet I’m scared to fly the quadcopter.

The investment was hefty. The controls are easy but you can easily get confused. And when you crash it you feel like you’re toasting tons of cash.

Yeah… That’s right, I crashed the quadcopter. Hard…

Blades were strewn around my yard. The camera and gimbal mount flew off. The body has scratches.

Talk about scary!

With that scare, I haven’t taken her up into the air again. I’m fearful that I may damage it again.

Stupid, huh?

But that’s what fear can do to us. Fear will rob us of the joy we’re experiencing and expecting to experience.

We’ll hold off because something might go wrong. Or we might do something stupid. Or we don’t know if we’ll like what we’re going to try.

This is fear holding us back.

As leaders, we need to learn to overcome the fear we face on a daily basis. If we don’t, we’ll become paralyzed and weak leaders.

Leaders face all kinds of fear:

The fear of rejection

The fear of making the wrong choice

The fear of inaction

The fear of the unknown

The fear of failure

Fear is all around us as we lead.

Every choice we make can lead to fear. Fear likes to tell us we can’t or shouldn’t do things.

But we’re leaders. We must overcome fear as it presents itself to us. And we can overcome fear.

That’s why I’m going out to fly my quadcopter today. I’m sick and tired of letting fear rule my life.

Are you? Are you tired of letting fear control your actions and what you do?

I hope you are. I know you are.

Question: What fear is holding you back right now? What simple step could you take today to face that fear? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.

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