Every Man For Himself?

Did you notice the title of this post had a question mark at the end of it? The title is asking a question.

Should it be every man for himself in leadership? Should a leader be out for himself? Should the team be out for their own good?

I think you know the answer.

Things get ugly when we're out for ourselves

Image by Pablo Piedra

The answer to the question is of course not. This would reek havoc in an organization.

No one would be concerned how their actions are affecting the bottom line. Or how the company is perceived.

They’d only be worried about their own needs.

Things get ugly when we’re out for our own.

And, yet, how often do we see this type of mindset within companies?

It’s a mindset that’s permeated workplace cultures. And leaders have been guilty of pushing their team members towards it.

When team members see

Leaders concerned about covering their own butts

Leaders enjoying the success the team helped create

Leaders not accepting responsibility

Leaders changing their colors

They see the corporate culture isn’t about the team, it’s about looking out for number 1.

Screw everybody else. Save yourself.

Once this mindset enters into a company, it’s hard to reclaim the proper mindset.

A proper mindset isn’t every man for himself. It’s more along the lines of

We’re a team. We succeed or fail together.

Everyone celebrates and enjoys the successes

We depend on one another

We care for each other

As this mindset begins to seep into the culture, things around the office begin to change.

You begin to see a spirit of cooperation begin to form. You begin to see new ideas begin to be birthed. You begin to see successes pile up.

If you’ve allowed the mindset of every man for himself to take root in your company, start pulling up the roots before they get too deep. Get rid of this mindset.

Begin to encourage teamwork, mutual success, and the notion we’re in it together.

Question: How do you get rid of the bad mindsets at your company? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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