Essential Tools For Agile Leadership And Strategy

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Every company wants to have an agile leader working for them. Agile leaders can lead their teams uniquely and creatively. They create the perfect environment for their team, where the team members can explore themselves. The key to agile development is flexibility and creativity. The idea is to make the team self-managing so that they can make their own decisions. The leadership strategy proves to be handy when the company is going through some trouble.

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The best way to do all of these is by using the latest set of agile leadership tools. The agile software would let you track your team’s progress and suggest different ideas to manage your team well. To choose the perfect agile software, you must go through the following criteria –

  • Task Management
  • Agile Reports and Analytics
  • Backlog Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • User Story

Keeping the criteria in mind, now let’s go through some of the best Agile Leadership, Strategy, and Management tools.


One of the best agile software on our list,, is in great demand for being the perfect visual, intuitive tool for planning and tracking works.

It has a simple interface and is easy to use and quite similar to a spreadsheet and offers no obstruction while working. It offers multiple features to its users like notifications, alerts, multiple views, automated processes, customizable taskbars, assignees, and many more.

It offers easy communication and allows you to hashtags, comments, and mentions, and thus you can track your work quite easily. Another important highlight is its outstanding customer service, which is active 24/7. You can contact them via phone or email and get quick responses. You would get integrations via popular platforms like Google, GitHub, Dropbox, etc.

Price: $17 per month (Two users)

2.    SAM 9000

This Agile tool is powered by powerful AIs. This project management app allows you to track time, notes, and memos and also provides you around 100 GB for file sharing and uploads. The smart AI allows you to manage documents, emails, and tasks quite smoothly. The tool uses the Kanban board, which is an easy and smooth interface to use.

You can easily schedule and reschedule your tasks at SAM 9000. It can help you to prioritize your work so that you can get done with the tasks that are of top priority. The personal assistant in SAM 9000 or the AI helps you to do all your professional jobs creatively.

Another reason to go for it is email management. You can attach emails to projects and tasks to emails to help your team track them easily. The 100 GB cloud storage is an extra advantage as you don’t need to deal with other cloud accounts and work with links for large files. You can get SAM 9000 on your PC and also on mobile.

Price: $29 per month(One user) with a 30 days free trial.

3.    Clarizen

Clarizen is full of professional features you need for agile leadership and to build strategies. It has a fast interface and has the prime goal of saving its customer’s time. The automated workflow process is really helpful if you have to deal with repeatable processes.

You can easily manage your task lists, documents, schedules, and other stuff. It helps you to stay connected with your team, which is an important factor in agile leadership. You can plan, execute, and gain a vast amount of controls over your project using Clarizen.

With quality task managing tools and project optimization, Clarizen enables your team to stay connected on its dashboard to work as a team. It will offer real-time insights to the team to keep track of their progress. It also allows you to enable add-ons like directory sync, Excel integration

Price: $ 60 per month (One user)

4.    Agile Bench

The main priority for the Agile bench is to emphasize tracking the work assigned to each team member so that, as a leader, you stay updated with your member’s performance.

There’s a separate dashboard assigned to each team member. The team members need to go through the business impact and cost of developments and are given points for each of their tasks. The tool has integration with popular platforms like Github. The Agile Bench API can integrate the project information performed by a team with other devices too. The platform is quite affordable.

Price: Starting at $ 10 per month (One user)

5.    Agile Manager

The HP Agile Manager is a tool beneficial for leaders as it is a quality organization software. You can organize and guide your team effectively through this tool. Through the user stories and issues, managers can keep track of performances for every individual.

All the progress, unit tests are displayed in the dashboard, similar to other Agile Leadership tools mentioned above. Agile Manager has access to major platforms like Github, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc. Developers can keep track of tasks from their favorite IDEs.

Price: $29 per month

6.    Hive

Hive is a powerful project management tool and has collaborated with popular companies like Google, Starbucks, Toyota. It allows your team to choose for their agile methodology and has flexible project views powered by platforms like Kanban.

Hive uses smart AI analytics, which can help you keep track of time, forecasting resources, and viewing your key stats. Because of its integrations with tools like Microsoft, Zoom it is a highly recommended agile software.

Price: $12 per month (One user)

7.    Active Collab

It can juggle tasks, keep track of time, and generate bills all at the same time. Active Collab has a system-wide calendar so that everyone in the team stays up to date with their tasks.

Because it keeps track of time for every individual performing their tasks, managers can determine how accurate their estimates are. It can be hosted locally like any other Agile software and also be accessed from cloud storage. The pricing is quite affordable.

Price: $7 per month

Above is the list of the top 7 best tools for Agile leadership and strategy along with their pricing. Select the tool that you feel comfortable with so that you can keep track of your team’s performance.

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