Do People Count On You?

If you’re a leader, the answer to this question is: Yes, people count on you.

That’s a cornerstone of leadership. Your team needs to know you’re going to do what you say.

Who's counting on you?

However, we see many cases where leaders aren’t able to be counted on. They’ve left the building.

You’re not that kind of leader. Are you?

I don’t think so. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be actively seeking to improve your leadership skills.

People Are Counting On You

Whether or not you’re doing a good job, people are looking to you for guidance. They want to know you will be there when things hit the fan.


Because you’re in charge. You’ve stood up and said you want to be the one to show people the way.

And they responded.

They said they TRUST you. They BELIEVE in you. They want to FOLLOW you.

This means you have people counting on you.

How To Be A Leader Your Team Can Count On

Being someone who can be counted on is really simple. It’s all a matter of doing what you said you’re going to do.

When you say that you’re going to do something, you do it.

When you say that you’re going to get the job done, you do the job.

When you say that you’re going to show up, you’re there ON TIME.

Leaders who can be counted on are leaders who keep their word.

What To Do When You Fail

We’re imperfect. We’re going to fail. And people are going to see it.

The question is: What do I do when I fail as a leader?

I think the answer is still simple.

When you fail, you step up and apologize. You tell your team that you failed. You tell

You tell your team that you failed. You tell them that you made a mistake. AND then you tell them that you’re going to fix that mistake going forward.

Not only that, you also tell them how you’re going to get back up. Then you show them.

You begin to put into place steps to help prevent future failures. You have people hold you accountable. You have checks in place.

It’s not the end of the world when you fail. It doesn’t mean your team can’t count on you anymore.

It does mean you will have challenges to face moving forward. Face them with confidence.

Question: Are you a leader your team can count on? Why or why not? Share your stories in the comment section below.
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