The Definition Of A Great Leader

Everyone has an idea in their heads of what a great leader looks like. They have the picture-perfect image in their minds.

Sometimes this idea of a great leader is easy to express. Other times, words are elusive and you just can’t pinpoint what makes a great leader.

Great leaders know this

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I’ve got my own ideas of what makes a great leader. You do too. But I hope you’ll stick around while I share my definition of a great leader.

A great leader shares a clear vision with his team.

A great leader takes responsibility for what happens to and in his team.

A great leader looks for opportunities to help those he’s leading.

A great leader is invested in his personal development.

A great leader understands everything won’t go right all of the time.

A great leader is willing to listen to objections his team members raise.

A great leader isn’t scared by competition.

A great leader invites others to be a part of the mountaintop experience.

A great leader helps others to increase their knowledge.

A great leader knows when to cut ties.

A great leader has healthy relationships.

A great leader makes a path so it’s easier to follow.

A great leader doesn’t blame others for failure.

A great leader weighs the pros and the cons of whether or not to jump into a new arena.

A great leader restores others.

A great leader looks for the best in others.

A great leader shares what he knows.

A great leader establishes boundaries in his personal and professional life.

A great leader encourages people to buy into the vision.

A great leader knows he must have realistic expectations.

A great leader takes time to get to know the people he leads.

A great leader is generous.

A great leader is always looking for new opportunities.

A great leader brings people together.

A great leader takes action.

A great leader knows when to play and when to work hard.

This is just a small portion of what a great leader does. The definition of great leadership can go on and on and on.

That doesn’t mean we can’t know what a great leader looks like. He’s all of the things above and so much more.

Question: What is your definition of a great leader? Let’s hear it in the comment section below.

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