Danger Areas For Leaders

Leadership shouldn’t be considered a cozy position. Leadership should actually be considered quite dangerous.

You could almost say being a leader is like being on a battle field.

Leadership is dangerous

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You’ll face many dangers as you take the first steps as a leader. You’ll face even more the longer you carry the title.

It’s a fact of life and one you must live with if you want to help people grow.

Over the last 15 years of leadership, I’ve seen leaders fall to temptation and the dangers that come with leading.

Let’s look at a few of the danger areas for leaders…

Ego: Who doesn’t like to be told how great they are? Who doesn’t like to see the results of their labors? Who doesn’t like having their ego stroked?

The number is few and that’s why the ego is so dangerous. We like to be told we’re good, we’re great, we’re the bees knees.

And this pulls us into dangerous areas we shouldn’t be in.

The ego leads us to feel we’re better than we are. The ego can open the door to an affair. The ego can make us look down on others.

Be aware that your ego will try to grow with your status. Knock it down to size and get away from this danger!

Doubt: Every leader will have doubts about their ministry. They may feel like they don’t know how to move their organization to the next level or it may be they don’t know how to handle a difficult situation.

Doubt will creep in and try to keep us in this place of ignorance. But we can’t stay there.

Overcome doubt. Repeat to yourself the past victories and how you were able to lead effectively even when you didn’t know the way.

This is the way to defeat doubt!

Fear: Sometimes leadership is like a bad horror movie. You sense there’s danger behind every door. The shadows swaying outside are actually out to get you.

You know the drill.

For some leaders, they begin to fear they’re on a hit list. They may think their leader is out to replace them or maybe they think some young up and comer is ready to take their spot.

So they fear. They fear replacement. They fear a coup. They fear leading.

Fear will hinder your leadership and not allow you to flourish like you should. You’ll pull back from making the key relationships you need to lead effectively.

Stop fear in it’s track. Tell fear it’s okay if you’re replaced. Leadership is temporary anyways.

Leadership isn’t the happy go lucky thing we make it out to be. There’s danger ahead as you lead.

This doesn’t mean leadership isn’t great. There’s plenty of benefits to being a leader. The main one being you get to help others grow.

Don’t let the dangers of leadership discourage you. Rather, be prepared for the dangers ahead and you can rock out your leadership.

Question: What’s one danger in leadership you’ve faced? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.

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