Controlling Your Emotions By Using Emotional Intelligence

Thursday night I had the pleasure of sitting down and having a conversation with Linda Hoenigsberg over Google Hangouts.

It was such a joy to discuss emotional intelligence and how we can learn to control our emotional state.

Watch the video below to see our emotional intelligence discussion.

What you’ll learn in the video:

How emotions effect the workplace and your ability to lead: Linda shares a shocking story on how a leader missed being aware of the emotional environment and what this did to her.

What you can do to calm the emotional environment in your workplace: Emotions can run wild within an organization. People are interacting with one another and signals can get crossed. Learn what you can do to calm the emotional storms when they arise.

Discover how a leader affects the emotional state of their workforce: Leaders have quite a bit to do with the emotional climate. Sometimes there’s steps you can take to move the climate in a better direction.

Resources mentioned:

Daniel Goleman and his books about emotional intelligence

Linda’s free eBook: The Any Time, Anywhere Mindfulness Tool Kit: 10 Quick Ways To Reboot Your Brain On The Fly. She’ll be releasing this eBook free on her website shortly.

Question: How could the ability to control your emotions change your life? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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