Connect With The Right People

The right people will propel you forward

Paul Sohn and I once again hosted the annual Influencer Meetup At Catalyst (formerly the Catalyst Blogger Meetup). This event brought in over 50 attendees who are influencers in various spheres (blogging, podcasting, YouTube, writing, etc).

Not only did we bring in influencers, we brought in people who could help move those influencers forward. There were book publishers and agents that also attended. There were content creators looking for new voices.

Image of Paul Sohn, Greg Atkinson, Chester Goad, and others at the Influencer Meetup At Catalyst

By bringing these two groups together, Paul and I created an atmosphere where magic could happen. Influencers looking to get their voice hear had the chance to be heard by potential publishers. Publishers looking for new voices had the ears of potential clients. This was a win-win for both groups of people.

The Influencer Meetup At Catalyst was a connecting place.

But you needn’t come to the Influencer Meetup At Catalyst (though we would love to have you next year). You can connect with the right people exactly where you’re at.

How To Connect With The Right People

You’d be amazed at where the people you need hang out. They’re all around you.

Let me tell you a little story about my life.

I was born and raised in a little city outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. I felt like there were no influencers or people of importance near me. All of those guys are in Nashville, Atlanta, San Diego, or some other big city.

This line of thinking was incorrect. There are right people all around me.

When I take a look at Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids is a hub for book publishing (especially the Christian book market). There are major book publishers up and down the streets of Grand Rapids. You only have to look to find them.

For me, those are the right people for what I’m attempting to accomplish: Publishing a book.

But how do you connect with the right people? You:

Make a list of the right people

Seek out their contact information

Find out the events they attend

Reach out to those you want to connect with

Attend the types of events the right people attend

Ask your current connections for introductions

Send them a personal email

Interact with them on social media

Ask them out for a coffee

To connect with the right people, you have to take action. You have to reach out. And you need to make an ask.

When you do, you’re going to find connections to the right people will open up like crazy.

Don’t be afraid. Do take action.

Question: How are you connecting with the right people? Let us know in the comment section below.

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