Choose The Right Bus

You’ve probably heard of Jim Collins and his book Good To Great. In this book, he shares that we must make sure the right people are on the right bus.

So we focus on that. We put our effort and energy into putting our people into the right areas.

While doing this, we forget to ask ourselves an important question: Am I on the right bus?

The right bus matters

What Bus Is The Right One?

Choosing the right bus to lead is a daunting task. The opportunities are plenty. Especially if you’re being courted by different organizations.

Everywhere we look, the “bus” looks right.

Company A offers great health benefits. Company B is willing to give you more time off of work. Company C wants to give you autonomy.

All of these sound great. But which one is right?

I’m not sure which bus is right for you. However, I know you have to choose the right bus for yourself.

I Had To Get Off The Bus

For close to 15 years, I was part of a wonderful church, touching the lives of students aged 11-18. We made an impact in their lives by showing up every Wednesday night to share the Gospel with them. Not only that, we also listened and tended to their needs.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this was the wrong bus. For the longest time, it wasn’t. Youth ministry at this church was the right bus.

Then seasons changed.

We began to see signs that things were changing. WE were changing as well.

God began to confirm we needed to change buses through words we were receiving and situations that were happening.

It was clear that it was time to change buses.

You May Have To Change Buses

You may encounter a similar situation. You’re on the right bus and then you’re not.

You’ve got to make the decision whether you stick with what you’ve known or if you branch out and go with what’s right.

Organizations change. People change. YOU change.

It’s up to you to realize this. It’s also up to you to know when it’s time to change buses.

I believe you will know this.

You will begin to feel a stirring in your spirit. You’ll begin to feel discontent. You’ll begin to see new opportunities.

When this happens, feel free to explore the other possibilities in front of you.

And that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up over having to leave.

The organization you’re leaving will be okay. While you’ve done great work there, the company doesn’t need you.

The place you’re going to does. Don’t hold back the work you can do by being unwilling to change buses.

Question: Have you hesitated in changing buses? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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