Change Requires Action

As I was recently reading the John Maxwell Daily Reader, the statement made by John Maxwell struck me hard. Really, really hard. I think his statement will strike you hard as well.

January 29th’s reading shared a quote from John Maxwell’s book Your Roadmap For Success. The piece that struck me was this:

Change requires action.

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How many of us want to see a positive change in our lives? I see those hands. I think that’s everybody reading this.

Come on… I mean, who doesn’t want to see positive changes happening in their lives? I know I do.

Some positive changes I would like to see are:

  • To lose another 13-16 pounds
  • To release my first book (I have two in the works!)
  • To improve my marriage
  • To increase the amount I can lift
  • To finish those home improvement projects that I’ve procrastinated on (it would make Pam ecstatic!)
  • To book more consulting clients

John Maxwell’s quote made me realize something. All of these rely on action on my end.

If I want to lose another 13-16 pounds, the action I would have to take is to eat healthier and exercise more. What do I need to do to release my books? I need to finish editing and writing them. To improve my marriage? Be more considerate and think more of my wife. Increasing my physical strength? I need to use the weight bench in my basement.

You get the drift. Each of the things I want to see change relies on the work I have to do. I have to take action.

It’s Time To Take Action

Everything you want to see changed in your life requires your action. Just like the things I want to change in my life requires my action.

Today, it is time to take action on those things you want to change. You are the one holding back. You are the one to unleash the positive change in your life.

Take action. Choose to act on what needs to be done.

If you need to become a better leader, attend a leadership seminar. Want more friends? Be more friendly. Want a better marriage? Treat your spouse better. Want to become a better writer? Take a writing course.

Your actions today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life will determine what changes in your life will happen. You are the holder of your destiny.

Choose today to act in accordance of what you want to see changed.

Remember: Change requires action.

What do you want to see change in your life? What action will you take to make sure it becomes a reality? 

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