Change Is A Constant

Leading Through Change

Other than death and taxes, there’s one other thing that you can be sure of in your life. Change. Change is that other constant.

There will never be a part of your life that doesn’t involve change. From your family to your friends to your leadership position.

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Everything changes.

Even you!

You cannot escape change. It pursues you like a lion pursues its prey. And change will find you like the lion finds the wounded or weak antelope.

This doesn’t mean you’re weak. What this means is that you’re human. You’re normal. You’re going to face change.

Stop Fighting Change

You may be tempted to try to outrun change like the pursued antelope. I want to give you a word today. That is to stop.

Stop trying to outrun or avoid change. Stop fighting change.

You cannot do this. No one can win over change.

You have to learn how to embrace change. You will have to learn how to deal with change. And you will have to learn to live with change.

You can do this. Everyone else is learning and dealing with this. So, there’s no shame in admitting we have change happening in our lives.

Change Is A Constant

As you step into your leadership position, you will discover leadership is in a constant flux of change. The change isn’t in the basic principles of leadership. No, leadership change comes in many different forms but not that.

You will see change in leadership through:

  • Communication styles: Every day there is a new way to communicate. We’ve gone from orally telling stories to the written word to moving pictures to text messages and more. Communication is ever-changing your leadership.
  • Relationships: Your relationships will never be the same. Every interaction you have with a team member changes your relationship with them. You can’t keep your relationships the way they were.
  • Technological advancements: Communication has changed mainly because of technological advancements. Yet, communication styles are not the only thing impacted by these advancements. Computers, phones, networks, and more will change.
  • Office environments: Offices were once the staple of the 9-5 grind. People would wake up, get ready, and head into the office. This has changed because people no longer have to go to the office to get things done. There are co-working spaces, VPN networks, and more that allow team members to work remotely.
  • Thought leaders: The people we listen to as leaders change regularly as well. One day you might be listening to Michael Hyatt and then decide to listen to Dave Ramsey and his EntreLeadership team instead. Or you might disagree with what Gary V had to say and go with Michael Hyatt. Our thought leaders change (not only who we listen to but who they are themselves!).

There’s more areas that change as well. Life is a constant changing process. You cannot escape it. You don’t have to escape change.

Learn to be okay with the change that’s coming into your life. Change happens. You have to deal with it.

Question: What changes have you seen happen in leadership? Share your observations in the comments below.

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