7 Effective Ways You Can Shepherd Your Community

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The world is at a loss for genuinely inspiring people to lead. Politicians serve themselves, but you can help others by becoming a pillar of society. With simple charitable acts, you can shepherd your community from a position of care and understanding. Through the physical and spiritual healing of others, you can therefore help nourish your own soul. 

Be a Spiritual Leader

In times of crisis, people turn towards their leaders. You could be that leader. Districts of the government might cause any to seek answers elsewhere. You may not have the answer, but you can provide comfort. An online bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership will give you the tools and certification you need to become a recognized Christian leader. 

Things To Consider While Making Leadership Decisions

We can make decisions in a vacuum. It is easy to dismiss others around us or their ideas.

We do this in our homes. We do it in our businesses. And this hurts our effectiveness.

Today, I want us to look at a few things to consider when making leadership decisions. This will help you become a more aware leader.

Things To Consider While Making Leadership Decisions

My list won’t be comprehensive. This list will barely scratch the surface. However, I believe it will give you a starting point when making decisions.

These are the things you need to consider while making leadership decisions:

Who does the decision impact:

Our decisions, our actions impact more than ourselves. The decisions we make impact those we lead, those we do business with, and more.

Make sure you’re considering others when making your decision.

The Year Of Continued Fatigue

2020 was the year of COVID-19. I believe it was also the year of fatigue.

So many leaders have been challenged, beat down, and talked down to because of the COVID-19 virus. They’ve become beat-up, worn-down versions of their old selves.

Then comes the year 2021.

Things are looking better in terms of COVID-19. People returned to work. Business picked up.

Then, like a rollercoaster, we’re hit with another wave of COVID-19 issues.

The Year Of Continued Fatigue

According to Healthline, fatigue is the overall feeling of tiredness or a lack of energy. Who here has felt that this year, especially?

I’ll be the first to raise my hand.

The year 2020 was challenging. Between COVID, lack of work, and the death of my father, I was worn out and tired.

The Hard Work Of Leadership

From the outside world, leadership can look easy. People may see leaders as having the cush job. They get a corner office, they don’t have set office hours, or they get to make all the rules.

These things sound great. Sometimes, they are. But the people looking at leadership from the outside in miss so much more that goes on in leadership.

They miss the hard work.

The Hard Work Of Leadership

What does that mean? Is there really hard work for leaders? You betcha.

The hard work of leadership includes:

  • Deciding how to let a potential candidate down
  • Working longer hours because you are unwilling to settle for good when you want the best
  • Listening to a family who has lost a loved one
  • Trying to figure out how to make a financial shortfall work this month

5 Questions Leaders Should Ask

Leaders are comfortable asking questions. They know the more questions they ask, the better the answer will be.

Why, then, are so many leaders reluctant to ask questions? This reluctance to ask questions comes from our upbringing.

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The older we got, the less comfortable people became with us asking questions.

That’s the opposite direction we should have gone. We should have been encouraged to ask questions. You should encourage those you lead to ask questions.

Today, we’re going to look at 5 questions leaders should ask.

5 Questions Leaders Should Ask

1. Why?

Why is a great question to ask. So often we go to other questions such as “How can we get this done?” or “When will we have time to accomplish this?”

Why is a different question? Why allows us to see the reasoning behind what we’re doing.