Automating Leadership

I have absolutely fallen in love with a couple of new electronic gizmos in my home. These electronic gizmos have made life easier by automating much of what we would normally do.

We added Philips Hue lights to our living room. These light bulbs are controlled via an app on our phones. They’re also automated.

BB8 from Star Wars standing in front of a tall building

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

This means we can set a schedule to turn on our lights automatically. We don’t have to walk to a light switch as it gets dark. The lights just turn on. It’s like magic. Automation is awesome.

We also added a Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar to our entertainment setup. While not completely automated, it makes turning on the TV and controlling the volume supersimple. I’d almost call it automation.

Integrity In The Workplace

I was recently called into the office of a coworker. He shut the door and said he needed to talk to me.

This concerned me. I began to wonder what was happening. Was he sick? Did he have a beef against me? What was going on?!?

My fears were alleviated when he began to share what was going on.

His cell phone was connected to the work network’s WiFi. He had been scrolling through his apps. He accidentally clicked on an app that he shouldn’t have during work hours.

He wanted to let me know what he did. He didn’t want to hide the misstep. He wanted to bring it to light.

Integrity In The Workplace

This is what integrity in the workplace looks like. It is making a mistake and owning up to it.

Understanding People

It is easy to bulldoze over people as we climb the ladder to the top of the organization. It’s all about us, right?


We cannot continue to climb the organizational charts without understanding people and caring for them. People are the life-blood of our organization.

Trying to understand people is hard, though. It’s a never-ending learning situation.

Think about your spouse. It seems like every other day they’re a different person. How are you to understand them?

You just do…

Understanding People

When you begin to understand your spouse, your relationship begins to blossom. You become in sync with them.

The same happens when you begin to understand the people you lead.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In July 2021

Reading can be a huge kick in the pants for leaders. It helps you digest the knowledge of leaders who have come before you. It also allows you to avoid their mistakes.

That’s why every month I bring you 5 books you should consider reading. These books will help you become a better leader and grow the skills you need to lead like no other.

Check out the books leaders should read in July 2021 below.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In July 2021

1. Brighten Your Leadership Light by Gary Hassenstab:

Gary recently released this book and it is fantastic. He uses wisdom found in the Bible to guide you to becoming a successful leader.

You will find each chapter lists a personal value a leader should strive to have. You will also find direction on how to apply these values to the way you lead.

Are You Rewarding The Right Things?

When we reward people based on their behaviors, they begin to repeat those behaviors. Edward Thorndike researched this and coined the term The Law Of Effect.

The Law Of Effect states:

responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in that situation, and responses that produce a discomforting effect become less likely to occur again in that situation (Gray, 2011, p. 108–109).

Man with folded hands sitting in front of a MacBook Pro laptop

Photo by Wes Hicks

Or, in simpler terms, Behaviors immediately rewarded increase in frequency, behaviors immediately punished decrease in frequency (John Maxwell).

Maxwell shares the behaviors he would like to see repeated. These behaviors are:

  • Positive attitude
  • Loyalty
  • Personal growth
  • Leadership reproduction
  • Creativity

These are all great leadership behaviors. I agree with Maxwell that these need to be traits leaders are reinforcing on a regular basis.