Catalyst Atlanta 2013 Si Robertson Notes of Duck Dynasty

si robertson of duck dynastyMaking a special appearance, Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Got to love the surprises they present at the conference.

Ken Coleman: What’s the importance of the cup?

Si Robertson: He went to Vietnam. His mother sent him a care package with a pair of cowboy boots. Two jars of jalepenos in one of the boots. The other had two jars but one was in the cup.

The cup is invaluable to him. The cup is 45 years or so.

KC: What’s the famous ice tea?

SR: He’s like a fine tuned race car. You’ve got to pull in for a pit stop once in awhile.

KC: It’s not sweet tea Si drinks. Why don’t you drink sweet tea?

SR: WWII came along and they rationed sugar. All the people who were drinking sweet tea no longer had sweet tea. Once the war was over, they just kept drinking unsweetened ice tea.

KC: What do Hey and Okay and Look mean to you? Why do they mean so much to you?

SR: Good question. When did we start this? Hey, we don’t know. They can’t remember when it first happened.

KC: Si’s books probably been one of the best selling books in the nation. What does honesty mean to you.

SR: He grew a beard so people couldn’t call him a bald-faced liar. The book is tales and wisdom from Si. It’s the story of his life.

He threw 5% of untruth in the book to kick it up a notch. It’s left up to the reader to decide.

Ken Coleman and Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si

Image via Catalyst

KC: What’s your relationship like with Phil?

SR: He’s my brother. His wife is like Si’s big sister. He watched over them.

He’s been with them his whole life. He’s like the fifth wheel. You can’t haul anything without a fifth wheel.

KC: What is Mrs. Si Robertson like? Why isn’t she on the show?

SR: She’s got better sense than the rest of us. The real reason: She’s lived with this the last 40 years. The last thing she doesn’t want to be filmed for this.

His wife is watching the show. Cackling. Watching Si act up. She watches it every Wednesday night.

KC: Why do you think the show is so successful?

SR: All networks are trying to figure out why Duck Dynasty is such a hit. The key: The networks leave out the key ingredient. The God Factor.

The almighty is directing Duck Dynasty. It’s going to go where He wants it to go.

KC: There’s a process. You really know duck calls. Discuss your love of the craft.

SR: People don’t understand, especially those animal rights people. The animals are not defenseless. He hunts to be with the creator. The one who created all of the beautiful stuff we can enjoy.

To see the sunrise. The sunset. It’s all beautiful.

The colors on the ducks. It’s all been created.

KC: Your story is tied to Vietnam. Is there a story from there that shaped you?

SR: He can’t watch TV on Memorial Day. After Vietnam, there was more committed suicide than they lost in the war. A black eye for America.

He doesn’t know what people who don’t believe in God do when they go to the doctor and get a negative diagnosis. The cancer. The illness. What do they do if they don’t turn to the creator?

He’s amazed America has embraced the Robertson family like they have. They’re humbled by it.

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