Catalyst Atlanta 2013 Jud Wilhite Notes

Note: These are rough notes from my time at Catalyst. These are what you would see in my notebook if I were writing them down there.

jud wilhiteJud is a Texas boy that was stolen by Nevada. Has adopted Las Vegas as his hometown.

Pastor at Central Christian Church

How our identity can impact the calling of our lives.

Numbers 11:11

Everybody loves you until you lead. The bullets start flying, dirt gets drummed up, and you’ll have a Moses moment.

Hosea 3

We meet the prophet Hosea who is challenged to do something no one else has ever been challenged to do before. To marry a prostitute.

An illustration of how God loves his people. Not just share the message but to experience the emotions.

Wife keeps having illegitimate children and relations with other men.

God told Hosea to go and love his wife again. Weird huh?

This is how God treats us. We’re unfaithful yet He loves us.

Your assignment probably isn’t as tough as Hosea’s. Could you imagine being told to go back to the unfaithful wife or husband?

Our callings are not always pleasant.

Love the calling you have, not the one you wish you had.

How can you do this in your life?

You might feel beaten down. Jud had a guy drive his Kia through the church, doing a demolition derby through the hallways.

Even when we know our identity, we can question our calling when it gets rough. All too often we leave too early.

Hosea had to go find his wife, Gomer, again. Had to buy her back from a position of sexual slavery. Paid the cost of a common slave to get her back.

Picture of redemption.

Your calling doesn’t originate or end with you.

Don’t let anyone steal your calling from God.

Go and love again. Love your calling. Love the community you’re called to.

When you rejoice in the God who calls you, you’ll eventually begin to rejoice in what He calls you to.

You’re the sum total of what God says you are. Never forget this.

Go and love your church

He walked up to the doors of a church after 4 years of a drug addiction battle. God literally saved his life through the church.

The church is the hope of the world.

It’s messy. Filled with drama. Multi-layered. Welcome to life.

We’re the problem but can also be the solution.

You weren’t called to fruit. You were called to faithfulness.

If you don’t love it, you forfeit the the right to criticize it.

Simple moments are used to make large impacts. God uses hugs.


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