Catalyst 2013 Atlanta Jason Russell of Invisible Children and Kony 2012

jason russell of invisible childrenJason Russell is the founder of Invisible Children. He played a huge part in the Kony 2012 video that went viral.

Jason was interviewed by ….. of People of the Second Chance.

He learned the hard way you can’t respond to every critic.

He doesn’t remember the actual incident of his naked breakdown. He went through shame and guilt. The let down of your organization, family, and the youth who believed in him.

You have to face the thing you’re known for.

He’s found out that he wasn’t alone. Other people have had breakdowns as well. People have come up to him on the street and talk to him about the situation.

The lesson, he believes, is that we have to be more vulnerable.

Until we become vulnerable, we never become our true selves.

Interview question: How is Jason different now?

He’s learned Psalms 46: Be still and know that I am God.

God was saying to him: You think you’re the best storyteller. You think you’re the hero. You’re not. I am.

Control was lost and it can drive a leader crazy. It drove him crazy.

Interview question: What are some of the tangible things you do or have done to break the desire for control?

We’re constantly trying to hold onto the control. When things pull away, we latch on tighter.

He’s created non-negotiables.

No more than 5 days of travel a month and, if he’s in town, to be home in time for dinner.

Interview: What is the biggest misconception of Jason or the work of Invisible Children

People think they work in a basement or in a sky-rise office.They’re actually in the middle.

What they would love others to see: We’re all global citizens.

Do more homework into what Invisible Children does

Interview question: What was the thing you learned about God and his love for you during the breakdown?

Shares a story from Oprah about a mother who laid with her son as he died of cancer. He believes God is like that.

Holding us as we go through the struggles and pass away.

You can give it up. Just Live.

Interview question: What’s next? How can they get involved?

Number one question is What can I do? They always need people. They need everyone to help bring the war to an end.

58 people have escaped from the LRA this year.

Audacious goal is to raise 3 million dollars. Only thing stopping them from getting every single one out is money.

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