Care About The Why

You’ll find many businesses care about the bottom line. The almighty dollar.

That’s what too many places care about. They forget about the most important thing to care about:


You must care about your why

What’s So Special About The Why?

When businesses are in dire straits, it’s easy for them to get distracted from the why. They think they need to get the next dollar or the next customer in the door.

Don’t get me wrong, those are important things. You need customers and you need money. But you also need your Why.

Something special happens when you begin to focus on your Why.

The money starts to come back in. Your employees begin to care. And customers come back.

Why Your Why Works

Simon Sinek wrote a great book about Why and how it works. That book is Start With Why.

By not knowing your Why, you begin to flounder. You will take in any customer that comes your way. You’ll even begin to compromise your beliefs.

If you know what your Why is, you are better able to stay true to who you are and what the business is.

Not only that, your Why also inspires your employees. Your team knows the true core values of your company.

And employees love that. They love having a mission and a goal to get behind.

As you step away from your Why, your employees notice. Something changes. I remember this happening when I was at Circuit City.

Circuit City (RIP) went from a company that prided themselves on having team members who loved to share technology with those around them to a company that wanted to push products and service plans out the door for the almighty dollar.

In the 3 short years I was there, you could see the change.

Commissioned employees were fired for making too much money (because they were selling so much product). Morale in the organization went downhill. New products and gimmicks were brought in to try to keep the company afloat.

Instead of focusing on the love of the product, sharing that love with others, and taking care of their staff, they decided the best way to make money was to let go of the high performers who truly cared.

That doesn’t make sense.

Yet when you focus on your Why, you attract customers. You bring people to your door because they know who you are and why you’re doing what you do.

So care about the Why. Work with your Why. Make your Why work FOR you!

Question: Do you know what your why is? If so, share it below. If not, go out and figure it out.
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