Book Review: As One Devil To Another by Richard Platt

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Do you have a favorite author? One who brings a smile to your face when you think of their work?

One such author for me is C.S. Lewis. His profound storytelling ability, the depth he dove to, and the spiritual truths he brought up.

He was amazing.


As One Devil To Another book cover

“Punishment…is something for which we here in Hell have a certain flair.”

An author I never heard of until recently reminds me much of C.S. Lewis. This man is Richard Platt.

He penned the book As One Devil To Another.

The book is remiscint of one of C.S. Lewis’ most beloved books. The Screwtape Letters.

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In As One Devil To Another, Platt continues the tradition of using “letters” to tell the story of two demons, Uncle Slashreap and his nephew Scardagger.

The book starts off with Scardagger having just graduated from Temptation University and being handed over to Slashreap for mentorship.

And he will need all of his uncle’s advice as he has been assigned the task of acquiring the soul of his first client.

She is an educated young woman who is wavering in her faith. And yet she has many believers that surround her. Her grandmother, a bible study group, and more.

Scardagger tries to employ these believers to discourage her, to break her down, to win her soul to Hell.

As he attempts to do this, Slashreap is corresponding with him to encourage and demean his efforts.

Will he succeed or will he fail? That is what you will discover as you take this journey.


Platt wrote an engaging story that reminded me very much of C.S. Lewis. As One Devil almost came across as an extension of The Screwtape Letters.

The styling was perfect. Short chapters, or letters, that gripped my attention and made me want to continue reading.

Though sometimes Platt was much more abrasive and blunt than Lewis was. Platt held back few punches.

  • How do you deal with your ego?
  • What influence do your friends have?
  • Are the images you see affecting your worldview?
  • Is the internet a positive or negative influence?
  • Do we have the proper motives?

These are just a few of the issues that are touched upon.

Here is one such instance:

We train the businessmen never to ponder the moral or social consequences of their decisions and investments, but to consider only the narrow financial advantage to themselves, and secondarily, only as a necessity, to their stockholders. This is the First Cause in the metaphysics of all financial collapses. Profit becomes the all-excusing motive. And so the downward spiral to further catastrophe continues, ending as we have planned it, in soul-deadening careers, bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorce, family violence, and in the best cases, suicide.
Pg 113

As you can see, Platt doesn’t hold back. He lets it loose and lets you pick up the pieces.

We know that we won’t be getting a new book from C.S. Lewis, but I believe this may be the next best thing. I think you’ll agree.

You can probably tell from my review that I really enjoyed the book. It was one that I was excited to continue reading at my next lunch break.

So, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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