Become A Role Model Leader

Okay, you’ve been leading for some time now. You got the lay of the land and you are feeling comfortable as a leader.

What’s next in leadership? The next step is to become a role model leader.

All leaders need a role model

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Because of your positional authority, you’re leading multiple people. Each person you’re leading is looking to you for something.

Whether that is guidance in what to do, how to handle difficult situations, or the best way to act, people are looking up to you. Now, it’s time to give them something to look up to.

It’s time you become a Role Model Leader.

How To Become A Role Model Leader

Those 3 words (Role Model Leader) can feel heavy. And they should.

As a leader, you carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. One of those being the fact you are now a role model for others.

You need to step up to the plate and begin to mentor others in how to lead well.

So, what does this look like?

  • Do what is right:

    Role Model Leaders do what is right. Not what feels good or gets them accolades.

  • Treat others with integrity:

    You may have thought I was going to say “Treat others fairly.” I couldn’t say that as I don’t believe we treat people fairly. At least not in the way most people see it.

    Instead, I want to encourage you to lead with and treat others with integrity. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. Treat them better than they deserve. And treat them as if they were your responsibility (because they are!).

  • Give hope:

    Want to be a leader others look up to? Then cast hope. Give people a vision and dream to believe in.

    Show them what can and should be. Live it out and let them know you’re there to help them along.

  • Give, give, give:

    Last, but not least, role model leaders give. And give. And then give some more.

    They’re looking for ways to serve and help others. They do this through the giving of their time, energy, and money. They’re generous.

    What can you give more of to help others? Think about it. Then act!

Becoming a role model leader isn’t difficult. All this transition takes is to begin doing the right things.

That means do what is right, treat others with integrity, give hope, and give of yourself. When you do, people will begin to see you as a role model.

Question: What are you doing to become a role model leader? Share what you’re doing in the comment section below.
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