Beachbody: Is A Fitness Business Right For You

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When it comes to business, people are turning to self-employment in droves and certain industries are thriving. If you have a home crafting business that sells cross stitch patterns as PDFs on Etsy, that is amazing. However, some people need something a little different and want to challenge themselves in a different way. And this is where Beachbody comes in.

Who are Beachbody?

You may have heard the name Beachbody being thrown around over the years, but who are they? In simple terms, Beachbody is the name of a fitness company. What started out twenty years ago as a fitness video company has morphed into a multi-million dollar company that is growing around the world. Since it was founded, the company has gone on to create a variety of fitness programs, an on-demand streaming service, and a fitness shake line. Independent distributors, or Coaches, work with Beachbody as independent and self-employed fitness experts who guide people through their fitness journey.

What type of workouts do they do?

Beachbody is responsible for some of the most talked about workouts in the last decade, although some of the programs have been around a lot longer. Since 1998, when the company was founded, the company has created a variety of workouts to suit everybody. Thin thighs and flat abs were the first of the programs that were offered. But then, in 2004, P90X hit the shelves and everyone had the name on their lips. This workout was the one everyone was doing, and people were blown away by the results they were seeing. It was the excitement of these people that shone a light on the work that Beachbody was doing. However, the name Beachbody was still unknown but the names of the workouts were becoming the talk of the water cooler.

Since then, the names of the workouts have been coming thick and fast. New instructors joined the team, and the streaming service was launched. In 2009, Insanity hit the streets with Shaun T taking charge. With his fast-paced workouts, the weight was flying off people and the DVDs were flying off the shelves. It was this workout and the results that people got from doing it put Beachbody on the map as one of the most efficient workout companies out there. Since the launch of the streaming service in 2015, over 1,500 different workouts have been added to the Beachbody Library. The workouts range from high-intensity workouts to low-impact yoga. 

Is it just working out?

Despite the main draw of Beachbody being the fitness programs, there is so much more to the company. For one, they have their own shakes, Shakeology. Then there are the supplements and the coaching program. The business model of Beachbody has the potential to earn people thousands by doing what they love, working out and getting fit. And, we all know that working out isn’t just working out anymore, It is a complex lifestyle that focuses on your health and wellbeing. And when people are looking to take those first steps with their health and wellbeing, they are looking for the programs that offer results fast. This is why Beachbody has become so popular. It is hyper-efficient and offers all-around support so that people can hit their body and fitness goals. 

How do you become a Beachbody Coach?

Normally the people who become coaches start off as customers. As you smash your fitness goals and change your body, people will start to notice. And when people notice and ask what you are doing, you will refer them to Beachbody. But, what if you could make money by recommending the programs? This is where the Coach program comes in. The wonderful thing about it is that you will be doing something that you would do anyway, in this case, it is recommending Beachbody for the results that you have experienced. Instead of just sending people on their way with the information, you could give them the information and get paid for recommending the programs. For many people, it is a win-win situation. They would have been recommending the program anyway, but to get paid for it is amazing to them. 

How do you make money with Beachbody?

As a Beachbody Coach, there are a few different ways that you can make money. As a coach, you can make money on commission on selling the programs and the shakes. 

Working with Beachbody as a coach is a great way to get a supported fitness business. In 2018, one of the top coaches made $3,038,804 for the year. One thing we will say, and something that Beachbody has made very clear, you do not and cannot make money by recruiting people. Or course, you can. But you have to sell the programs and the shakes too. We have all heard of the MLMs who rely solely on getting other people to sign up. 

Beachbody is not a new company but it has not expanded around the world the same way that other MLMs have. Because of this, there are not many reps out there. In fact, the coaching program is only available in three countries worldwide despite the streaming service being available all over the world. 

What makes people choose Beachbody?

The unfortunate truth is that people are lazy and want results without putting any effort in. Sorry folks, but that is the truth. Many people like the idea of being fit but not the effort that is required to get fit. This is what makes Beachbody so popular. Don’t get us wrong, if you have used any of the Insanity workouts you will know that they require effort but they are a lot of fun. It is the fun part of it that makes people keep coming back, and before they know it, that effort has transformed their lives and bodies. There is also the mental side that helps people to commit to the workouts.

It is also important to remember that Beachbody uses a time system. So, if you buy one of the programs, for example Beachbody Abs with Shaun T. The DVD program comes with several discs and several exercise routines. There is also an information sheet with how to do the workouts over the course of 30 days. To really top things off, you can get a sheet to pop down your measurements and a tape measure. You might not see any results at the end of the month but the tape measure will show that you have lost a few inches from your body. Obviously, the results you get depend on a number of factors, and if you use the exercises with a meal plan, you will see better results than doing the exercises alone. It is this combination of mental and physical support that has the effect and helps people to keep with the program. Many of the programs take around 30 days, and this is enough time to form a healthy habit and get people hooked.

Beachbody the company

We feel it is important to mention that not many companies take the concept of charity very seriously. There may be a charity attached to the company which, in many cases, feels like more a load of virtue signaling than anything else. Beachbody’s corporate social responsibility is laid out and supports more charities than you can imagine. Over $12 million has been given to 36 different charities as part of the Beachbody program. When they said they were aiming to bring health and well-being to people, they didn’t mean to the people who pay for their programs, they meant to everyone.

Overall thoughts

Beachbody has proved time and time again that they are more than just hype. They rarely advertise (as far as we have seen) and rely on people recommending their products to others. It is the people who try out the program, lose a lot of weight, and tell everyone about their success is the reason they are successful. They don’t use flashy campaigns, they don’t shove it in your face, they introduce themselves to you and shake your body until all of the weight falls off. If you are wanting to lose weight and want to do it quickly, without starving yourself, then Beachbody workouts could be the thing you are looking for. Even if your diet is terrible, you can lose weight with just the exercise programs, but following the diet can help you shift the weight incredibly quickly. 

Since the introduction of the streaming service, people now have access to over 1,500 videos. You could argue that YouTube has even more videos on it and you could easily use them for free. And this is true. But ask yourself, has anyone ever boasted about losing weight with a YouTube channel within 30 days of watching? The answer to this is probably yes, but those results are few and far between. When someone commits to a Beachbody program, they receive support and guidance to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. 

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