Are You Anchored In Your Convictions?

In a world that tells us that we need to be tolerant, standing firm in your convictions is difficult. By voicing your opinion on a matter, you’ll face public criticism.

You’ll hear people cry out against you. You’ll be called a bigot or they’ll say you’re intolerant. Maybe even worse.

Convictions Are Crucial

I’ve had many friends over the years who claim to believe one thing only to completely change their opinions the next day.

It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. It’s hard to tell where they stand.

Over time, I began to wonder about these friends. They seemed to have strong convictions. Until they didn’t.

My opinion of them began to shift. Whenever I’d hear them spout off their beliefs, I secretly waited to hear them switch beliefs tomorrow.

These friends were never anchored in their beliefs. They were tossed about by the changing opinions of popular opinion or other friends.

The constantly changing beliefs made it hard for me to trust what they said.

When your “convictions” change on a whim, people will begin to lose their trust in you. They’ll never know where you stand.

That’s the great thing about convictions. They tell others what you believe and what you won’t tolerate.

It’s also why convictions are crucial.

Be Anchored In Your Convictions

By changing your convictions based on what others believe, you have a harder time standing firm. Doubts flood in and you have a difficult time making the hard choices in life.

You seek answers from others, not because you’re looking for the right path but because you want the approval of others.

However, if you’re anchored in your convictions, you discover the approval of others isn’t what you’re longing for. Rather, whether or not you’re staying true to your convictions.

Decide today that you’re going to be a person of conviction. You’re going to stand tall. You’re going to plant your feet and live life according to your viewpoints.

In today’s world, that’s difficult. You can do it though.

Stay anchored in your convictions by:

Writing out your absolutes – These are the things you believe to be absolutely true. These are also the things you’re unwilling to do. Knowing how far you’re willing to go and what you’re not willing to do will help you to say yes or no to the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Know why you believe the way you do – People waver in their convictions because they lack a firm foundation. They don’t know why they have the convictions they do. They just do. Examine your reasons and discover why you hold your convictions. This will help you when trials and tribulations come.

Examine yourself daily – We begin to slip in our convictions when we fail to examine our reactions to our daily interactions. We let a little thing slip by and call it okay. By looking at our actions daily, we’re able to see where our convictions may need reinforcement.

Call on a friend – Feeling like we’re the only ones who believe a certain way is a surefire way to lose your grip on your convictions. A little bit of peer pressure and we begin to cave. This is why it’s crucial we surround ourselves with friends who are like-minded in our convictions. By calling on a friend, you’ll have someone who’s willing to come alongside you and tell you you’re not alone.

Question: Are you anchored in your convictions? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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