5 Things Every Leader Should Hope For

Leaders, by the nature of their role, need to be hopeful people. They are, after all, casting a new vision for their followers.

Why shouldn’t they be hopeful for what’s to come?

Through the trials of leadership, it’s easy to get lost on the trail. Our hope wanes. We lose our way.

This is why it’s crucial leaders keep their eyes open to the hopeful future ahead.

If you’re one of those lost leaders, see if you can regain your vision by looking for hope in these 5 areas.

1. Faithful followers: You can’t lead if no one is following. Even when people are following you, it can be a difficult path to walk if those followers aren’t faithful.

Leading well results in followers who are true to you. They’ll follow you through thick and thin. Be hopeful you will one day have people who will support your dream and vision as a leader.

2. Trials and tribulations: No one ever wishes for struggles and pain but we should hope for trials and tribulations.


Because when you face the trials and struggles ahead of you, you can come out of the situation stronger and wiser. You grow through difficulties.

Don’t try to wish them away. Hope for some struggles as you lead. You will find your place then.

3. Good friends: Along with faithful followers, leaders should hope for a couple of good friends. These friends won’t be your typical friends.

You know what I’m talking about. They won’t be the friends who are there only during the good times.

These friends you should hope for are the friends who stick closer than a brother. They’ll hold you up when you fall and cheer you on as you race towards success.

Hope and seek out good friends.

4. Success: You’ve got grand dreams. You can see yourself leading hundreds, maybe thousands, of followers. Or maybe your dream is to touch the lives of those you will never personally meet.

These things are possible. But you can’t reach them if you don’t hope for this type of success.

Visualize what success looks like to you. Write down what success looks like to you. Speak what success looks like to you.

Hope for success and chase after it.

5. Someone to replace you: One day you’ll be dead and gone. This thought isn’t pleasant to many people but it’s a reality we must all face.

We’re mortal. We’re going to be gone one day.

As you lead, be hopeful you can find someone who can one day come alongside you and eventually replace you.

Hope for the person you can pass your leadership baton to.

This is the endgame of leadership.

Hope is a driving force, especially in leadership. Don’t let hope pass you by. You can have it. You must have it.

Question: What are you hoping for as a leader? Share your hope in the comment section below.

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