5 Reasons You Need To Be Leading

For some, the choice to lead is easy. They’ve felt leading comes naturally and there’s nothing else they could do.

To others, they were thrust into leadership. There was a gap and someone needed to fill it.

And yet others don’t know feel like they could ever lead.

This post is for that last group. The people who are out there thinking leadership isn’t for them.

I’ve got news for you: Leadership may be the thing you need to do today!

If you’re in that boat, here’s 5 reasons you need to be leading…

1. People constantly come to you for advice: When you find yourself constantly being approached by others for advice and guidance, this is a good sign you’re being viewed as a leader.

There are people who are looking up to you. There are people who value your opinion. There are people who know you have skills.

Don’t let these guys down. Step up to the plate and lead.

2. You find yourself stepping up and doing what needs to be done: You may notice certain tasks aren’t getting down and then you take the initiative to either complete the work or put together a team that does the job.

Seeing what needs to be done and getting it done are a sign of leadership.

Leaders know things don’t get done by themselves. They take organizational skills and the wherewithal to do them.

If you find yourself frequently finding work to be done, you have a reason to lead.

3. Your heart breaks for a cause: This may seem out of left field but our hearts can act as a guide. When we find our hearts breaking, we find somewhere that needs us.

Look at your heart and see where it finds pain. You may feel brokenhearted for the poor who go hungry or the children who can’t read.

This is where you need to rise up and be a leader.

4. You have a specific skill set that can change the world: Every person is unique. We all have abilities that bring us joy and that can impact the world.

Finding this skill set not only brings about joy, it brings about a desire to share your gift with the world.

As you do this, you begin to lead. You show others that they can be something special too.

5. You’ve been called by God: Sometimes we don’t understand the voice of God but we know it when we hear it. The call God places on your life may not seem like something you can do.

Most likely because you can’t do what God desires. At least not on your own.

Rather, God calls us to do great things so that He will get the honor.

Don’t push back when God calls you to lead. Respond to His call and do what you were meant to.

Entering into the role of leadership isn’t the easiest thing to do. Most of the time it’s a hard road to follow.

Yet you will find great joy in leading when it’s what you’re meant to do.

Question: What’s a reason you lead? Let’s share our stories in the comment section below.

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