5 Leadership Lessons From Christmas

What Christmas can teach you about leadership

Is there a more magical time than Christmas? Christmas trees are up in many homes. The houses are decorated with lights and blow up reindeer. Families are coming together and enjoying their time together (I know this last one isn’t always a possibility but it is my hope for you and your family).

what you can learn about leadership from Christmas

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Christmas tends to bring out the best in people. They’re excited to share presents with one another and people are often more generous.

But what does this have to do with leadership? Are there leadership lessons from Christmas? You betcha…

Leadership Lessons From Christmas

1. Be joyful:

Christmas, for many, is a happy time of year. People are excited to have their friends and families around. They’re happy to see the looks on their faces when presents are opened.

Having family and friends near, seeing presents opened, and being in the Christmas mood makes people joyful. And joyful people are a pleasure to be around.

Leaders, you need to find ways to be joyful as you lead. Don’t be a sourpuss, instead bring joy and happiness to your organization.

2. Be kind:

Because of the joy of the Christmas season, people’s attitudes begin to change. The joy makes people softer, more kind.

While leadership requires a firmness, you can be kind while firm.

Treat others as you would have them treat you. This is the easiest way to be kind.

3. Be generous:

People aren’t only kinder during the Christmas season, people are more generous. From giving gifts to loved ones to donating to Toys For Tots to volunteering at the local homeless shelter, people are more generous with their time and money.

Be generous to your team. Find ways to bless them with financial compensation, gifts, and other ways to show them you care.

4. Be fun:

Christmas trees, hideous light creations (you know what I’m talking about here), sculpted reindeer in the front yard, and other festive cheer come out after Thanksgiving. People are quick to decorate their yards and home with fun Christmas decorations.

You may not want to decorate the office with Christmas decor, you can still make the office a fun place to be. Bring in colorful artwork, play music (where appropriate), and let your team decorate their offices or cubicles.

Allow fun in the office.

5. Be ever-watchful:

The classic Christmas song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town has the following lyrics:

You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s making a list

He’s checking it twice;

He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice

Santa Claus is coming to town

In the song, Santa Claus is watching to see who’s naughty or nice. Leaders need to watch to see who’s going above and beyond their duties.

Keep a list of all the good things your team has done. Then remind them of the great work they have accomplished.

Question: What other leadership lessons can be found in the Christmas season? Share yours in the comment section below.

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