5 Leadership Books To Read In March 2022

What books are you currently reading? This is something every leader should ask the people they’re regularly meeting.

You can find out so much about a person by the books they read. You can also discover great books you’ve yet to read.

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Today, I am sharing 5 leadership books leaders should read in March 2022.

5 Leadership Books To Read In March 2022

1. The Capitalist And The Activist by Tom C.W. Lin:

The world of business has changed so much in the last few years. Companies are stepping into the world of political activism. Sometimes, wading into these waters helps organizations. Other times, there’s a huge outcry.

Lin’s book will help you make a decision on whether or not you and your organization should become an activist organization.

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2. How to Begin by Michael Bungay Stanier:

I fell in love with Stanier’s previous book, The Coaching Habit. It appears the world did as well.

Stanier now has a new book, How To Begin. In this book, Stanier helps those wanting to live a life of meaning and impact.

Pick up this book today to change your life!

You can purchase How To Begin on Amazon.

3. The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews:

Andy Andrews shares a tale of second chances. Set in the Gulf of Mexico during World War II, we discover an exciting, yet sad story.

More than that, we discover a tale of forgiveness, growth, and life.

I’m always impressed by Andrews’ work. This book is no different. Get this today if you’re struggling with forgiveness and moving forward.

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4. Smart Leadership by Mark Miller:

There’s just something special about the way Mark Miller talks about leadership. He makes it so simple to understand. He makes it even simpler to implement.

In Smart Leadership, Miller helps us understand what it takes to become a better leader. He shows us it is all about the choices we make.

This book is an excellent read for new leaders and old leaders alike.

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5. Simple Truths Of Leadership by Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley:

Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley return to the book world once again with the release of Simple Truths Of Leadership. In this great book, the duo share 52 ways you can be a servant leader and build trust.

The book is a fun read that is easy to digest. You can quickly get through this book in a day or two and not feel overwhelmed.

You can find your copy of Simple Truths Of Leadership on Amazon.

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