5 Convictions Every Leader Should Have

Those who lead need to be people of conviction. Leaders need to hold fast and true to what they believe true.

When they don’t, organizations begin to sway and falter. We see uncertainty and unclear vision when a conviction is not there.

Your convictions matter

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This begs the question: What convictions should leaders hold onto? What can a leader believe that will drive their organization forward?

I believe there are 5 convictions every leader must believe and hold tightly to.

1. There are better days ahead: It’s easy to get discouraged when leading. Your organization might not be moving ahead as quickly as you would like. Your team may not be following your instruction. Your company may even be facing financial difficulty.

Those days suck. But there are better days ahead.

Remember the glory days? The days that looked so promising and held so much excitement?

Those days are going to happen once again.

Right now, you might be in the valley. You’ve got to keep going so you can climb out of it.

2. We have a bigger purpose: Those in church ministry know what their bigger purpose is. The church’s mission should be to see lost people saved and brought to a relationship with Christ.

In the business world, this could be harder to see. Yet you can have a bigger purpose in business.

You’re not only selling widgets.

You’re helping people achieve dreams. You’re helping people experience life. You’re people connect with others.

Look past what you’re selling. You can find a bigger purpose once that’s out of the way.

3. Every person matters: Your team is made up of a diverse group of people. Some of whom you won’t agree with.

At times, you’ll think these people won’t matter. But they do! Every person matters.

Never waver in this conviction.

4. Breaks are valuable: Those who enter into leadership positions often have a strong work ethic. They want to work and work and work some more…

Many leaders can be considered workaholics with how little time they take away from the workplace.

This isn’t healthy. We can’t continue to work forever.

Our bodies were created with rest in mind.

When I begin to resist the desire to take a break, I’m often reminded of the story of creation. After 6 days of creation, God rested.

If the God of the universe needed rest, how much more do we need to practice the habit of rest?

5. Family is important: I’ve seen many marriages ravaged by those who put in long hours at work.

Much like conviction #4, knowing, and showing, our families matter must be a conviction leaders hold true to.

People like to think that what happens at home stays at home. Or vice-versa.

This belief is not true.

We bring our personal lives to work and we bring our work lives home.

So, remember, your family is important. Find, no… CARVE out time to spend with your family.

Give them the time they deserve.

Question: What convictions do you hold onto as a leader? Let’s talk about your convictions in the comment section below.

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