5 Books Leaders Should Read In March 2021

Every month, I try to bring you 5 great books to read for the following month. The books may be old, semi-recent, or even releasing soon.

This month, the books will be mostly brand new books. I’ve had the opportunity to look at quite a few new books this month and they’ve been fantastic.

I believe the following 5 books will help move you forward professionally and personally. I hope you will consider picking up 1 or more of these titles.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In March 2021

1. Humble Inquiry: Second Edition by Edgar H. Schein:

In the second edition of his book, Schein expounds upon the key to effective communication. It’s an updated and expanded look at his previous thoughts.

Grab this book if you’re looking for a way to effectively communicate.

2. Step On The Cracks by Brandon Posivak:

Step On The Cracks takes a great look at reinventing happiness, positivity, and optimism. Brandon Posivak took great care to find out more about this topic.

Knowing how his generation has been affected by poor mental health and an overwhelming amount of stress, Posivak began seeking out answers. He has found and shared them in this great book.

3. Leading Things You Didn’t Start by Tyler Reagin:

Tyler Reagin has been an inspiration to me for a long time. He took over the Catalyst Conference from Brad Lomenick and Ken Coleman.

His experience has been in leading things he didn’t start. Just like many of us.

We work in organizations and businesses we didn’t start. We may not have even been alive when the organization started yet here we are leading it!

Glean from Reagin on how to lead an organization well even when you didn’t start it.

4. Crush Your Career by Dee Ann Turner:

I had the pleasure of meeting Dee Ann Turner a few years ago while attending the Catalyst Conference. My friend, Paul Sohn, made a connection with her and we were off to visit the Chick-Fil-A headquarters. Turner was our guide and a gracious one at that!

Hearing she had a new book releasing, I was thrilled. I knew Turner would crush, haha, the new book. She did.

Turner is helping people with their careers and figuring out what to do with their lives, regardless of where they are in life. Pick this book up if you need a kick in the pants to get your career on track or if you know of someone that could benefit from it.

5. Next Gen Leadership by Hunter Tiedemann:

Tiedemann wanted to know about next-gen leadership. What did he do? He began to reach out to leaders and ask them what they thought about the subject.

I was honored to be one of his interviewees as I was with Posivak.

Next Gen Leadership will help millennials prepare to lead in whatever organization they’re stepping into. It’s a fascinating read and one I recommend every leader, new and old, to pick up and digest. It will help you lead better. It will also help you help new leaders lead better.

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