5 Books Leaders Should Read In June 2021

Summer is just around the corner. Today, I want to change up the books I recommend in my 5 Books To Read series.

Instead of the typical leadership or personal development books I recommend, I want to recommend books that may bring a bit more enjoyment into your life.

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These books won’t be leadership or personal development based books. Instead, these book recommendations will be books you can bring to the beach and enjoy reading as the ocean or lake waves crash against the shoreline.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In June 2021

1. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien:

The Lord Of The Rings is a classic piece of literature. Telling the story of Bilbo Baggins and his merry band of travelers, you dive deep into the world of Middle-earth as Hobbits unit with dwarves, elves, and other creatures to take out a menacing threat.

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins:

There hadn’t been a series of fiction books I enjoyed as much as The Lord Of The Rings until I read The Hunger Games trilogy. The story of Katniss, the braveness it took to step in for her younger sister, and all the loss that went along with her decision is moving.

3. Silence by Shusaku Endo:

It took me a long time to get to read or listen to Silence. My friend, Rick Theule, had regularly said it was one of the books he reads on a regular basis. With his recommendation, I dove into the book. He was right. Silence tells a challenging story. One we’d best be willing to use to examine our own lives.

4. The Martian by Andy Wier:

The Martian was made into a blockbuster movie starring Matt Damon as the lead character. I haven’t watched the movie. I have read the book. The descriptions pull the reader in and make you excited to discover what the main character does next. Pick this book up, head to the beach, and imagine the beach sand is your Mars.

5. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline:

Ready Player One, also a major motion picture, features lead character Wade Watts seeking out clues to an Oasis. To do so, Wade uses his gaming skills and 80’s pop culture knowledge to find the clues to his prize. The story is top-notch and hard to beat. Don’t forget, there’s also a sequel with Ready Player Two.

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