5 Books Leaders Should Read In April 2022

Books are an essential part of growing and stretching ourselves as leaders. Whether we use audiobooks, physical books, or ebooks, reading will help us become better leaders.

That’s why every month I share with you 5 book recommendations. These books are books I’ve read, are friends with the author, or have seen highly recommended.

This month, there are a lot of great books on the list. Check them out. The knowledge within them will help you become a better leader.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In April 2022

1. Reach by Becky Robinson:

I’ve known Becky for a long time now. She runs a great business called Weaving Influence. There, she helps authors promote their books.

I was beyond the moon when I saw that she was writing her own book. I was honored to receive a pre-release copy of the book.

To say that the book is an excellent resource for those looking to grow their reach is an understatement. Much like Michael Hyatt’s Platform was a gamechanger, Reach is the 2022 version of the book.

Purchase your copy on Amazon.

2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries:

Eric has a heart to help startups succeed and succeed quickly. Startups need more than capital to grow. They also need human creativity.

In The Lean Startup, Eric shows readers how both are needed and how both will help accelerate growth. Discover how to test your vision continuously and adapt and adjust before it’s too late.

Lean thinking defines value as providing benefit to the customer; anything else is waste.

This book is perfect for the entrepreneurial leader or the leader who’s looking to change directions in their business.

Get your copy on Amazon.

3. Dream Big by Bob Goff:

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob at a Young Life benefit dinner a few years ago. Bob’s personality is infectious. You won’t walk away the same from Bob.

The same goes for his books. When you pick up a Bob Goff book, your life is going to change.

In Dream Big, Bob wants to help you to discover how to dream big. Dreaming big means defining your dreams clearly, identifying the obstacles, and developing a specific plan for reaching those goals.

Learn to Dream Big when you read Bob’s book!

You can buy Dream Big on Amazon.

4. The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz:

Everyone talks about starting and leading a business. It seems like a fairy tale. Unfortunately, reality hits. Starting and leading a company is hard work.

Despite the hard work involved in starting and leading a business, hard work shouldn’t deter you from chasing your dreams. This book is an excellent resource for those starting their business or long-time entrepreneurs who need that special pick-me-up.

You can get The Hard Thing About Hard Things on Amazon.

5. Calling by Pierce Brantley:

Are you struggling to find your purpose? Do you feel unrewarded by the work that you’re doing? Pierce’s book, Calling, will help you with these struggles. In Calling, you will find practical steps to discover what your calling is. Sometimes, your calling is right where you are.

Don’t be shocked if this book transforms the way you view the work you’re currently doing.

Find your copy of Calling on Amazon.

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