5 Books Christian Leaders Should Read In July 2020

Must Read Books For July 2020!

Leaders are readers… Or maybe I should say Leaders Are Learners. Either way, one of the quickest ways to learn is through reading great books.

I’m beginning a series where I begin to recommend great books Christian and, even, non-Christian leaders will enjoy reading. Today is the first in the series.

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Below, you will find 5 books every Christian leader should check out in July. July offers many Christian leaders extra time to dig into books. Dig into these ones. You will find yourself becoming a better leader through your time digesting what these authors have to say.

5 Books Christian Leaders Should Read In July 2020

1. Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences by Carey Nieuwhof

Burnout is real. Carey has experienced this reality. In Didn’t See It Coming, Carey opens up about his struggle with burnout and the time he wanted to end it all.

Leading takes its toll. You can easily become overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities placed on you. You need to open your eyes and see burnout is chasing you down and about to overtake you.

2. Leadership Pain: The Classroom for Growth by Samuel Chand

Pain is something all leaders will feel. Pain comes at you from all kinds of angles.

You will feel pain from bad business decisions, difficult relationships, and making change happen.

The good news is pain doesn’t have to be feared. When channeled properly, pain can be the greatest classroom experience you have.

3. Radical Wisdom | 365 Devotions, A Daily Journey For Men by Regi Campbell

Regi was a wealth of wisdom to Christian men looking to become better. He founded Radical Mentor and changed the lives of so many.

Sadly, Regi passed away in January 2020. Thankfully, his legacy is still able to impact Christian leaders around the world.

4. Learning to Lead Like Jesus: 11 Principles to Help You Serve, Inspire, and Equip Others by Boyd Bailey

If you want to lead more like Jesus and less like Bill, Paul, or Steve, Learning To Lead Like Jesus is a book you should check out. Boyd dives into the Bible and shares the insights he’s learned from Biblical study on how to lead like Jesus.

Learning To Lead Like Jesus will challenge your own beliefs. It will also help you transform the way you lead into a way that is more Christ-like.

5. The Leader’s Greatest Return: Attracting, Developing, and Multiplying Leaders by John Maxwell

Would it be a leadership reading list without a John Maxwell book? I think not (though in the future I will try to vary up the list). Maxwell’s insight into leadership is unparalleled. I think it is safe to say that Maxwell is a leader of leaders.

His latest book, The Leader’s Greatest Return delves deep into what he’s discovered through his many years as a leader. He distills this in his usual, easy to read style.

Pick this book up if you want to learn how to develop and multiple leaders in your organization.

Question: What books are you looking forward to reading? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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