40 Leadership Lessons Learned In 40 Years

Today, I’m deviating from the theme of love and leadership. Instead, I want to share 40 leadership lessons learned in 40 years of life.

It’s strange to think I’ll no longer qualify for a 40 under 40 list. I’m more likely to qualify for an AARP mailing.

That’s okay. We grow, we gain, and we get old.

With it being my 40th birthday, let’s look at 40 lessons I’ve learned in those years.

40 Leadership Lessons Learned In 40 Years

1. Leading alone isn’t leading at all.

2. Relationships matter.

3. Admit your faults.

4. Lead with your strengths.

5. Have a core group of people in your life that can hold you accountable.

6. Movies are a viable source of leadership lesssons.

7. Be accepting of people’s mistakes.

8. Learn to love the differences in the people you lead.

9. A slow start is better than a quick fizzle out.

10. Your team will have more impact than you.

11. Choose your team wisely.

12. Life is better with a furry companion.

13. We will lose important people in our lives.

14. Our actions matter.

15. So do our words.

16. Read often.

17. Beware of following someone whose personal life doesn’t line up with their public persona.

18. The best people are often overlooked.

19. While you may hold the final say, the opinions of your team can make the decision better.

20. There’s more to life than work.

21. Cherish the little things.

22. Know when to move on.

23. Get outdoors to recharge.

24. Write a book so you can pass on knowledge even when you’re gone.

25. Weakness can be a strength.

26. Keep your temper in check.

27. Life doesn’t revolve around you.

28. Experiences can be life-changing.

29. Talk to people.

30. Listen to people.

31. Take your time.

32. Choose your partnerships intentionally.

33. Check in on people.

34. Read your Bible.

35. Know who you can count on in times of trouble.

36. Be truthful.

37. Don’t be cheap.

38. Pay off debts.

39. Be generous.

40. Find ways to include the excluded.

Living, leading, and growing old are all things we will do. We won’t do them well all the time. However, this doesn’t stop us.

I hope my list of the 40 leadership lessons learned in 40 years of life has helped you see a few areas you might improve upon.

I’ve yet to arrive at perfection. I know I never will. You never will either. Keep at it anyway.

We’re all learning and growing. Keep getting better as a leader.

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