4 Ways To Increase Your Happiness

So many people are struggling with sadness and depression. They’re searching for something that will make them happy.

All they want is to be rid of the feelings of depression and despair.

Truthfully, leaders can deal with the same feelings. And for the same reasons.

Today, I want to share 4 ways you can increase your happiness.

While there are many happy people in the world today, there’s a portion of the population that find happiness to be elusive.

They struggle to find that place of joy. They want the pain to go away.

Finding happiness isn’t always easy. And it’s not always possible. But there are steps you can take to increase your happiness.

1. Get away from work: We’ve become a nation of workaholics. Never leaving the stress of the job when we punch out.

Instead, we carry it home with us. We carry it to our kid’s soccer game. We keep it with us at all times.

Let’s learn to let go of work and spend time enjoying the present. Leave work at work and focus on what’s in front of you.

2. Be grateful: Want a really quick way to become happy? Begin focusing on what’s been good in your life. And be grateful for what you’ve experienced in life.

Taking time to focus on the good things in life will instantly boost your level of happiness and satisfaction with life. Give it a try.

3. Create experiences, stop buying things: People become addicted to shopping because there’s a quick endorphin rush when we make that purchase. It sends pleasing signals to the brain.

The bad part? These feelings are fleeting and often turn to regret, quickly.

Skip the purchases, find ways to create meaningful experiences.

Go to a Coldplay concert with the love of your life. Hike the Grand Canyon. Learn to scuba dive.

These experiences stick with us and the happy feelings don’t turn to regret.

4. Learn a new skill: Sometimes we’re stuck in a rut of unhappiness. There’s been no breakthrough and we don’t know when the sadness will end.

Help break the cycle by going out and learning a new skill you’ve been wanting to master.

Science has proven we can increase our happiness when we engage our minds and master skills we’ve never done before.

Question: What other ways have you increased your happiness? Please share one or two of them in the comment section.

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