4 Simple Ways To Grow Your Influence As A Leader

The most powerful leaders have an advantage over other leaders. These leaders know influence is power. And they know how to grow their influence.

The tactics these powerful leaders use aren’t very difficult to master. In fact, the steps to grow your influence are very simple.

Simple ways to become influential

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I think anyone who’s been leading for any time has heard the classic John Maxwell quote:

Leadership is influence

Maxwell broke down leadership and put it into the simplest terms possible.

So why do so many leaders eschew the principle that leadership is influence? Rather, there’s many leaders who go for the leadership is power viewpoint. These leaders try to lead with an iron fist.

Leading this way often backfires and you see these power-hungry leaders quickly fade away.

We don’t want to be like that, do we? No, I believe we want to be leaders who leave a lasting impact, in a positive way, on those we lead.

That’s why we’ve got to learn how to grow your influence. And, like I said, growing your influence is actually pretty simple.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways you can become more influential…

1. Follow through on your commitments: Quite a few things will tell others that you’re a leader. But there’s one thing one can do to tell people you’re a leader and you care about them.

By following through with your commitments, you tell others that you’re a man (or woman) of your word. You value the person you’ve made the commitment to.

2. Recognize the talent around you: Your team is hungry for recognition. Recognition YOU can give them.

If you’re willing to give your team recognition, they’re willing to follow you anywhere. You become influential in their life.

3. Do something meaningful: This way to grow your influence may seem out of place on a list of simple ways to become more influential but don’t write this one off as difficult.

We can do meaningful tasks that are simple.

You can thank others (this was way #2). You can clean up a messy area at your organization (leaders lead by doing what they want others to do). You can give your time to a non-profit that needs guidance.

These are simple things you can do that are meaningful to others.

4. Share your ideas: Last but not least, influential leaders share their ideas. These leaders know they can’t keep their ideas bottled up. Great ideas go nowhere if they’re not expressed.

Stop being scared to let someone else know what brilliant idea you’ve thought up. Share it with the world.

Whether that be in a face-to-face conversation or through sharing your ideas on a blog, you need to be releasing your ideas to the world.

Question: What’s another way a leader can increase their influence? Please share your idea in the comment section below.

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